regency.jpg     Pride and Prejudice Fan Fic

                                                                                       By Lee (lsparsons)


    Completed Stories                                                                                             Works - in - Progress  

ana-in-waiting-joseph-ogle.jpg     In All Their Glory

      P&P / Regency / NC - 17

morning_glory_eng_no_hotlinking.jpg       Their Glory Contines

              P&P / Regency / NC - 17

            Including Vignettes

                Glory Comes to Dinner &

                Glory Takes a Holiday



broken20heart.jpg How to Mend a Broken Heart

                       P&P / Regency / NC - 17


      Coming Soon:

                   How NOT to Mend a Broken Heart

                  A compliation of deleted scenes and outtakes from How To Mend a Broken Heart and some selected NBs


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