Relief - a vignette

Elizabeth sighed as she sat down into the hot water. The warmth was welcome on her sore muscles. She arched her back so the water jet hit just the right spot on her shoulder. She had really pounded on herself during her workout, but it hadn't helped. Her mind was still as confused as ever, and her heart? She wished there was a water jet she could aim there.

The Meryton YMCA had installed the spa 2 years ago. It was next to the olympic sized pool and was the size of Elizabeth Bennet's bedroom. At the moment it was empty except for her.

"Lizzy?" Dawn Gardener called out. Dawn was one of Elizabeth's oldest friends. The director of aquatics had taught her to swim as a child, and had been like a second mother during her teenage years, when her own mother had been lacking. "Lizzy, I'm all done here, how about you?"

"Oh!" Elizabeth had lost track of the time. A glance of the clock showed her it was almost 9 pm. She blushed. "I'm sorry, I was thinking. I'll get out now."

Dawn could see something was bothering her young friend, and it wasn't hard to guess what (or who) it was. "Oh, no rush. Listen, I've got some paperwork to do. Why don't you just relax and I'll check on you in a half-hour, 'kay?" It was technically against the rules to leave someone alone in the pool area, but Dawn knew she could trust Lizzy.

"Thanks Dawn," Elizabeth settled back into the water and into her thoughts. What was she going to do? Elizabeth was so, so frustrated. That was the word. She was frustrated. Needy. Longing. Empty. She was a whole &%*@ing thesaurus for the same thing. Look up pathetic in the dictionary and you'd be starting at her picture. She had finally realized what she wanted, just when he had disappeared.

"Will." That one little syllable meant so much. She knew now she loved him now. Totally, completely nuts over him. She though of his shy smile, the way he had held her at the dance, the softness of his lips when he had kissed her. WHY? Why had she been so stupid at Hunsford?

Oh, she knew why. Because he had been a complete prick. But then, when she saw him at Pemberley. Her insides flip-flopped remembering the sight of him in those little speedos. He had been so nice to her. So different. Had he changed? Or had she simply misunderstood him before?

Her legs parted slightly as she remembered his broad shoulders and his long, well muscled thighs. Her breath deepened as she though of the power in those thighs and what they could do to her. She let her mind wander for a moment.

Elizabeth realized she had better think about something else. After all, she was alone, but this was the 'Y' for cripes sake.

It wasn't like she didn't have anything else to think about. Like 'what was that phone call from Mrs. DeBourgh all about?' Why had she called last night and accused Elizabeth of seducing Will? She wished! Elizabeth hadn't seduced, or even been seduced, by anyone in a long, long, painfully long time.

The sad thing was, she didn't want to be seduced by 'anybody', she wanted Will. She hadn't seen him since Lydia (Stupid Bitch!) had been arrested. She doubted she would ever see him again.

She was ashamed when she thought of the pain she had given him. It hadn't been intentional, but no matter, she knew she had hurt him deeply.

Oh God. It was hopeless. What was she going to do?

"Elizabeth," a voice said softly.

What?! No! She knew that voice, but there was no way- "Elizabeth."

Elizabeth looked over she shoulder to see Will Darcy(!) standing by the door. She covered her mouth with her hand, and stood as if frozen in the 110 degree water.

"I'm sorry, to be disturbing you. I, um, I called Jane and she said you'd be here." He was wearing those black sealskin pants that clung to his trim hips and a charcoal gray shirt under his long, black leather trench coat. "I need to talk to you."

Ohgodohgodohgodohgod!!!!! STOP! Lizzy, breathe! It will do no good to suffocate now! Say something!

"Will, um, I'm really glad to see you." She smiled at him. He smiled that shy little smile back and Elizabeth almost lost it.

"I need to thank you." Good, breathe, keep talking. "Lydia told us how you helped her. My family ..." Something was wrong. The smile had vanished and she felt cold.

"Elizabeth, please don't. I don't want you to..." he seemed to be struggling. "I don't want to talk about that right now." He came closer, taking off his coat as he came to the edge of the spa.

"Elizabeth," his eyes were so intense, pleading. "I want to talk about us."

Ohgodohgodohgodohgod!! Her eyes were huge as he came even closer. Her brain had shut down. She couldn't think anymore, all she could do was feel.

He paused, as though he had lost his train of thought. His eyes were locked in hers and he breathed "I love you."

He looked down and gathered himself, then continued. "I know you sai-" Suddenly his arms were filled with a hot, wet Elizabeth. His words were stopped by her eager kiss as her tongue playfully sought his, which had retreated a moment in surprise.

"Will!" She exclaimed, then recaptured his mouth. "Will, I love you! I ha-" This time he stopped her. There was no more need for talk now. His lips pressed forcefully against hers and his arms locked her body to his.

Elizabeth was well on her way from lightheaded to dizzy when Will pulled his lips away from hers and and started ravishing her neck. "Will, I love you, never leave me, please, never leave again, I love you so much," she chanted as her hands clutched his back.

Elizabeth's litany was stopped (again) by his mouth, seeking, probing, entreating hers. His body was rock hard against her softness. She could feel her heart slamming in her chest as his fingers intwined in her hair.

He swayed slightly as Elizabeth's mouth found his throat, then proceeded to travel in almost painful slowness to his chest. "Lizzy, oh Lizzy, I love you, need you so much, my love," he murmured into her hair. Elizabeth licked his sweetsalty neck. He tasted better then she ever had imagined. His erection was rubbing her belly through his clothes as her own body throbbed with need.

She had unbuttoned half way down his shirt when his hands stopped her. She looked up into his eyes, not sure what she would find.

"Liz, are you sure?" She knew what he was asking. There would be no stopping this time. She could see he was as far gone with need as she was.

She nodded, slowly. "Will, I," she tried again "I can't wait. I need you," she whispered. This was it. It was time for complete trust. She gave up all the games and the hiding and let everything show in her eyes. No more hide & seek, it was time to be real. She loved this man and would die if she didn't have him right now.

He saw it, all of it. With a ravished moan he attacked her mouth again. If you were to ask him later how he had gotten his clothes off he would be at a total lost to tell you. He did, however, remember undressing Elizabeth.

He pulled down on her violet swimsuit, first reveling her right breast, then the left. She was more glorious than in his dreams. He kissed and teased her nipple until it was firm and swollen, then he suckled on it while massaging its mate. Elizabeth held on to his shoulders, holding herself up. When he transferred to the other breast, her legs gave out and she slumped against him.

Gently he laid her down on the tile, taking a moment to pillow her head with his discarded clothes before the took her into his arms. "Elizabeth, I love you, " he said as he slid into her.

Elizabeth moaned. He was huge, oh god, he was perfect. "I love you. Oh Will, I love you so much." Elizabeth felt so full, so complete. Her awareness was focused on his every motion. Her body reached for his and met him thrust for thrust.

Together they found a pleasing rhythm and they bodies began the oldest dance known. His eyes cherished her as his body worshiped her in complete devotion.

William was overwhelmed. Every dream, every fantasy was pale and swallow compared to the reality of making love to her. His body and his heart found relief and succor in her flesh and he knew they were one. forever and always, never to be broken apart.

"Elizabeth," he whispered, he voice catching. Elizabeth looked into eyes that held more than burning desire, they were felled with love and an aching tenderness. She was awed by what she behelded there.

"Elizabeth, marry me. Promise we'll never be apart again," he murmured as his body grew harder, his strokes faster and deeper. "Elizabeth, marry me," he growled though clenched teeth, his climax imminent.

"Yes, yes, YESSSS!" She howled as her climax broke over her. William followed his lover, busting into her in a rush of pleasure. Time stopped as their bodies and senses merged into one.


William's awareness gradually returned as he felt Elizabeth snuggling up closer to him. He smiled. She felt so soft, so full, so perfect, and she was his! She loved him and he knew he would love her till the day he died.

He felt goosebumps on her perfect, smooth skin and realized that she was cold. Gently he took her into his arms and lowered them into the spa. She sighed contentedly as she rested her head on his shoulder. William took her hand and kissed her fingertips, then her palm, then her wrist. She giggled and pulled her hand free, her fine eyes full of love as she regaurded him.

They talked quietly; explaining, apologizing and declaring their feelings for each other again and again. Kisses and caresses punctuated their conversation and it wasn't long before William felt the stirrings of desire again.

Elizabeth looked at him with eyes that he willingly lost himself in, then raised herself up and straddled him. He supported her with his hands on her hips, but let her guide the way. She kissed him, long and hungrily, then slowly slid down his length.

He watched her, marveling at her beauty as she pleasured herself again and again. She was not shy, or apologetic. She was a talented lover who understood her body and his, and what was she giving to him. William was in awe of her. Once again she had taken his expectations and blown them away. He knew this was a woman he would never tire of making love with.

"Ready love?" she asked her breath catching.

"Yes, oh Elizabeth!" He felt her release, her muscles drawing him into her as he pulled on her hips, pushing himself even deeper into her. Drawing her to him, he exploded into bliss.


Elizabeth smiled into his shoulder. 'Well, so much for this being a public place,' she shrugged. It was worth it. He was worth it.

"Lizzy?" Oh no! She had totally forgotten Dawn!

Covering Will's mouth with her hand she replied. "I'm just getting out now. You can lock the door and I'll leave though the locker room."

Dawn smirked. She had seen the tall, dark man walk past her office earlier and had a fair guess where he was. "Okay. Goodnight Liz!"

"Goodnight Dawn," Elizabeth blushed and grinned at Will. Then she quietly led him to her towel and the locker room. As expected, it was deserted. Silently they showered. Their feelings were too tender for words so they let their eyes and hands speak for them.

They only separated to dress. When Elizabeth turned from combing her hair in the mirror she found him fully dressed and looking worried.

"Elizabeth, I meant what I said before, " he said shyly. 'Did you?' his eyes asked.

Elizabeth felt a sharp stab lance into her heart. It was too much to hope that all the hurt she had caused him before would just float away in the water. It would take time before he could trust her completely. She knew what she had to do.

She took his hand. "I though I answered you then, didn't I?"

"Well, you said 'yes' about a hundred times, but..."

She slipped into his arms and took his face into her hands. "Fitzwilliam Henry Darcy, will you marry me?"

"Elizabeth," he said her name like a blessing. His face lit up with relief and joy. "Love you, so much!" he said between kisses. He reached into his pocket and took her left hand in his. "This is for you," he was glowing as he slipped the biggest diamond Elizabeth had ever seen on her hand.

"Do you like it?"

She was speechless for a moment. "Its so beautiful. I love it." She smiled and hugged him tight.

He looked relieved as he told her it had been his mother's.

"But what about Georgianna? Isn't this hers?"

"She wants you to have it." He played with her hair as he spoke. "She said she'd much rather have a sister than a ring."

Elizabeth felt tears in her eyes. He was so good. "Will, how did I ever deserve you? A couple hours ago I just wanted to die and now I'm so happy." She touched his face, tracing his smile. "You are so wonderful, my love."

"How can you say that?" he protested playfully. "What are you going to tell our kids. 'Oh, your daddy was so romantic, he proposed in a locker room'?" They laughed together. She rejoiced in sound of his laughter. She could feel them growing closer.

"Hey, I proposed to you!" She took his hand and led him to the door. Loving looks and and frequent kissing breaks accented their trip to the parking lot.

When they got to the lot, he took her to his sports car, already running. At her confused look he held up a key fob and said, "Remote starter. You're still damp. I can't risk my wife getting a cold in this weather."

Elizabeth looked skeptically at the clear winter sky and decided to take the bait. "Love, we're not married yet."

He kissed her as he opened her door. "A minor detail I plan on correcting as soon as possible." His eyes then turned serious and he took her hands in his own. "Elizabeth, I'm not letting you go. I just can't. I hope I'm not screwing this up, but I need you. "

Smiling reassuringly, she squeezed his hand. "Don't worry so much. You're not screwing up and I'm not going anyplace without you." She kissed him gently. "Let's go home. I'm looking forward to getting the first decent night's sleep I've had in months."

"Me too," he nodded and grinned.

As they drove to her house a sense of comfort overcame them. Together they had found what they both needed the most, and they knew this search was over, to be replaced by a new challenge they would face as one.


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