In All Their Glory    



Part I – The Wedding Night Commences


When Darcy strode into his dressing room, he was annoyed to find his valet, Abernathy, waiting in attendance.

Abernathy looked at his master and knew he should not have stayed, “Since it is your wedding night sir, I thought you might be in need of something extra.”

“No,” Darcy frowned, “I need nothing further. You may retire for the night. I will ring for you in the morning when I require you.”

“Very good, sir. I wish you a good evening,” was all Abernathy had to say before hastily exiting the room.

Darcy quickly stripped off all his clothes, grabbed his dressing gown and night shirt that had been laid out for him and walked naked into his bed chamber. He had been embarrassed to find his valet still present when he entered his dressing room. He had just kissed Elizabeth, his bride, and the evidence of his desire for her was visible on his body as he was fully aroused in anticipation of his wedding night. However, it was not proper to have his servant informed of his intentions.

What was he going to do for an hour? Elizabeth said she would need that much time to ready herself for their upcoming encounter. As he peered down at his straining erection, he realized that he would not be able to do justice to Elizabeth’s first time in his current state. No, it was best to find his release now and then slowly ease Elizabeth into the art of lovemaking. Elizabeth was an innocent and it would be unseemly to appear too anxious, or too hasty, in consummating their wedding vows.

As he laid his dressing gown and night shirt on the bed, he tried to determine how to orchestrate the seduction of his bride. He placed two chairs in front of the fire facing each other. They could comfortably converse with each other, at a chaste distance, hopefully easing the tension of what was about to happen.


He went back to stand in the middle of the room, absentmindedly stroking his manhood as he surveyed that all was in readiness.   There was some fruit and cheese and bread on the dresser in case they became hungry during the night.  A bottle of wine was open and breathing to help relax them.  Only a couple of oil lamps were lit as most of the illumination was by candlelight which gave a softer glow within the room.  Flowers
were arranged on the table by the window and on the tables at either side of the bed.  How his housekeeper arranged for such fresh, fragrant blossoms in the dead of winter was worth an extra something in her next pay packet.

Glancing at the night shirt on his bed, he smiled that Abernathy remembered to lay one out for him. He could not remember the last time he had worn a night shirt, or any piece of clothing, to bed. Abernathy had quit laying one out long ago – the man was a treasure. He had one hour to enjoy his nudity before he donned the night clothes of a gentleman and go to his wife. Even knowing Elizabeth to have a passionate nature, he did not think she would understand his proclivity for being unclothed. Darcy felt at ease when naked but he doubted that his bride would feel as comfortable with his nudity as he did. Maybe one day when they were established lovers, he could broach the subject but until then he would always be attired as a proper gentleman.

As his long fingers encircled his erection, he unconsciously walked toward the connecting door between their two bed chambers. He closed his eyes and pictured her standing before him, her hair flowing down her back and over her shoulders. Imagining her removing her dressing gown, he began to stroke himself harder. Her gown slipped off her shoulders. Lost in passion and lust, he called her name as his hand was beating harder and faster. He was almost there.


A feminine gasp was heard.

Darcy opened his eyes and there in front of him was his bride, in person. And here he was naked as the day he was born and stroking himself as if his life depended on it.

“OH!” he exclaimed in extreme embarrassment as he had been caught red-handed, as it were.

She was rooted to the spot, mortified at finding him in such a way. But then a look of horror appeared on Elizabeth’s face as her eyes riveted to a rather large appendage that extended from her husband’s body. Her face went ashen.

He quickly let go of himself and reached toward her. She looked about to faint.

Then he noticed tears streaming down her face. He couldn’t believe he had placed her in such a situation. He should have been wiser, not so selfish. Instead of trying to pleasure himself, he should have just splashed some cold water on his arousal and let it whither back to a less impressive size. If only he would have been wearing his robe, not that the garment would have succeeded in concealing anything, given the instensity of his arousal, but at least it would have covered it.

He went to touch her arm. She took a step back. She had such a sad and mournful look in her eyes.

Elizabeth, I am so sorry to have offended you in such a manner.” Not knowing what to do or say and completely forgetting that he had no clothes on, he took a step closer instinctively wanting to comfort her.

Retreating back another step, she stated quietly, “Sir, I cannot believe our marriage has ended before it has begun. I love you so much, Fitzwilliam, but I do not believe I will ever be able to bear your children.” Pausing a moment as she tried to stem the flow of tears down her cheeks, she wiped her eyes and said, “And now you will want to annul our marriage.”

He stopped mid-step and looked at her tear-stained face. Furrowing his brows, he said “Elizabeth, what do you mean that our marriage is over and you cannot bear my children?”

She took a deep breath and lowered her eyes to his aroused manhood that was pointing up at her.  “It will not fit into any orifice that I have in the lower part of my body.”

Darcy was dumbfounded at first and then following her line of sight to his manhood that was waving like a flag in all its glory, he realized what her mind had imagined.  He quietly chuckled.

Elizabeth looked at him aghast that he would laugh at her, “I thought Mama was wrong when she said that all I needed to do was spread my legs, close my eyes, and pray the worst would soon be over. But, sir, that…” she pointed to his standard flying with full colors, “will not fit.”

“Oh, Elizabeth, I am so sorry that you have seen me in such a state,” he blushed and lowered his head.   Then he raised his head, looked into her eyes and smiled, “But I assure you that it will fit and most pleasantly, as well.”

She looked at him in disbelief.

Elizabeth, the orifice to which you refer is the same one from which a baby is delivered. I am not anywhere near the size of a new born baby.” He cradled his erection in his hand to show her.

“I have heard stories of the pain of childbirth. My mother has five children and she has related to my sisters and I just how painful it can be,” she retaliated.

“Has no one else told you about what to expect in the marriage bed?” Darcy asked as he tried to find a way to ease the situation.

“My Aunt Gardiner said it could be a very pleasant experience if I trust in you. She said she believes you to be a caring and generous man and that you would make it an enjoyable experience for me and not do anything to harm me.”  Then she rolled her eyes and slowly shook her head as she added. “But I do not see how it can be enjoyable if you try to shove something of that magnitude inside of me.”

Darcy nodded his head, “Elizabeth, I love you so much that my ardor sometimes gets the best of me. When you walked in, I was trying to gain some control so as not to scare you. Unfortunately, I did not have time to succeed and made matters worse. Please believe me that I never meant for you to see me in such a manner before you were comfortable with me as a lover.” He looked at her with his eyes begging her to touch his erection that he still held in his hand, “Elizabeth, please touch me here, let me show you that there is nothing to be afraid of. It is not as big as you are imagining.”

“NO! I cannot. It is not proper.”

“Please, Elizabeth,” he pleaded. “We are married now; there is nothing improper in the privacy of our chambers.” He took a step back and lifted his arms out from his side. “You see me now with no disguises, no barriers, all my faults are on display. I am yours. You have nothing to fear from me. And I will do nothing that would harm you.”

“Well, I must admit that I have seen the male form in paintings and sculptures in a museum and in books but your body is more magnificent that those specimens and much more on display, I dare say.” Elizabeth viewed his manhood and then did a slow perusal of his naked body from toe to head.  She had always admired his figure as the cut of his clothes exhibited his male physique in a most pleasing manner.  If truth be told, she had imagined him as he stood now but the reality of what she was currently viewing far surpassed any of her visions that had been based on the more classical view of the male body.  His male appendage was twice, no, more than thrice what she would have anticipated. 

When she finally looked into his eyes, he realized all the love she had for him and then he knew he could make everything right between them. He also saw admiration for his body as well as a bit of fear. He exhaled a sigh of relief as he then knew he could turn this situation into an intimacy with his wife that he desired but had not hoped for.  He knew he would need to be direct and forthright with her and show her that there was nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of in the scenario they found themselves in.  After all, they were husband and wife and the naked human body along with its implied sexuality should no longer be a taboo subject; the intimacies of their marriage must be admired and adored but not feared.  

“Well, Elizabeth, if I am to be the caring and gentle lover your Aunt Gardiner believes me to be, I must relieve my immediate suffering.  You are not ready to receive me in my present condition.  We must build to our first joining together and right now I have a rather unfair advantage,” he said as he went to gently caress his erection.

“Then I will leave you to finish, please come to me when your suffering is relieved.”  She gave him a saucy smile as she continued to take in his glorious body.  She knew she must leave him while he was to do whatever it was he was going to do to relieve himself.  However, she was curious as to a man’s body and how it functioned and was finding it difficult to avert her eyes from his body.  She should look away.  She should turn away and leave him but she found herself rooted to the spot hoping for some reason to stay and watch.

Darcy realized that everything he had to offer her was in full view and he needed to find a way to take advantage of this rather embarrassing situation in a position manner.  Sensing that she seemed to be curious about his body and could not take her eyes from him, he decided to make the most of this opportunity.  Smiling he said, “I will suffer more if you do not stay, you are my inspiration.”  In a more serious tone, he continued, “Elizabeth, you are an intelligent woman who craves knowledge. What better place to start learning about my body and how to please me than right here and now?”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. “And just how do you suggest I begin this education?” 


She was relieved that he was allowing her to stay; that he wanted her to watch and learn about him.


“First, I would like for you to remove your robe and gown; I want to see you as nature intended you to be displayed. It will also put us on equal footing.”

“Fitzwilliam!” she exclaimed. “I cannot!”  It was one thing for him to be naked but she was not to that point yet.  This was new to her and while she was eager, and a bit apprehensive, for this new experience, she had not thought of having to expose herself just yet.

“Yes, you can.” Darcy sent her such a yearning look that she unconsciously loosened the tie to her robe. “Elizabeth, you are beautiful and have nothing to hide from me. We love each other and have overcome many obstacles of misunderstandings and mistakes to be together as we are now. By removing your remaining obstacles,” he gestured to her robe, “we face each other as equals with nothing to hide and nothing to distract us.”

“You mean to tell me that that is not a distraction?” She pointed to his erection.

“Yes,” he gently took her finger that was pointed at him and placed it on his penis. It jumped at her touch and she began to back away but he held her finger firmly to it. “See, it will not harm you.”

“It feels like velvet.”  She tentatively stoked his tip. Boldly she encircled his tip with her hand and slowly slid it down his length as she had seen him do. “It is so firm and hard but with a softness, a gentleness.”  This was not what she expected it to feel like.  It was like touching the finest silk or a superior fur.  She had never felt anything quite so exquisite.

She smiled up at him and he thought he would come right then and there. “Elizabeth, I need to finish this so we can begin afresh.” He gently removed her hand from him and walked over to the chairs he had previously placed and sat in the chair that faced her.

“Now, would you prefer to remove your clothes or would you rather that I do that for you?”

Somewhat perplexed, Elizabeth looked at him as if she didn’t know what she should answer. She was beginning to enjoy looking at him. It fascinated her that he could be so at ease without any clothes on. However, she was not sure she could feel comfortable about revealing her body in such a way.

Sensing her predicament, Darcy rose from the chair, took her hand, and said, “There is nothing for you to make yourself uneasy about.” After guiding her to the chair opposite the one he had just vacated, he turned and sat down again. Spreading his legs and taking hold of himself, he slowly moved his hand up and down his length. “One of my fantasies while arousing myself is to imagine you before me, as you are now, removing your gown and baring yourself to me.”

Elizabeth looked into his eyes and recognized that intense look he had always bestowed upon her; she knew then that it had been his desire for her. She slowly slid her robe from her shoulders and then her nightgown. Suddenly she stood naked before him and, because of the love for her that she saw in his eyes, felt perfectly at ease as he gazed upon her form with such adoration.


Elizabeth, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever beheld.”  His eyes were shining with admiration of her body and with the knowledge of the fact that she so easily revealed it to him.

Darcy’s need was increasing but he was not ready to give over to this incredible moment. His fantasy had come to life. Elizabeth was breathtaking, a natural beauty. Her nipples were growing hard, perhaps because of a chill in the bedchamber but he hoped it was in anticipation and arousal of what this new adventure was providing.


Her eyes were fixed on the movements of his hand upon his shaft, fear still discernable in her eyes but her curiosity was beginning to overcome that fear.

Hoping to distract her, he asked, “When you were alone in your bed at Longbourn, did you ever explore your body?”

Her face betrayed her. She had been caught out. She met his eyes and slowly nodded.  Since their engagement she had spent time alone in her room examining her body to see what he would see when they were finally married.  She had wondered whether he would like her in her nude state.  Imagining his naked body, based on what little she knew of the masculine physique, she would have strange feelings overcome her and she would explore the parts of her body that had produced these feelings.  Soon she realized that there was pleasure to be found in probing and exploring those specific parts of her anatomy.  Each night before she went to sleep, she would spend time finding pleasure in her body that she hoped that her husband would be able produce once they were married.

“Then please sit down and show me what you did,” he requested.

She cautiously lowered herself onto the chair as she continuously watched him stroking himself. He realized that she was still reluctant so he let go of himself and slowly leaned forward, trying to conceal his manly parts from her view. Quietly, he asked, “Please touch your breast in the way that pleases you so that I know how to give you that pleasure later.”

Slowly raising her left hand to her right breast, she cupped it.  Then she moved her fingers to her nipple and started to pinch it. As her excitement grew she closed her eyes as she imagined him touching her in such a way.  It did not take long before she arched her back and moved her right hand between her legs and began to rub herself there.

Darcy smiled and leaned back as he watched Elizabeth pleasure herself. This was definitely better than any of his other fantasies of her. He could not take his eyes from her as he went about his own pleasuring task. As he watched Elizabeth lose herself in her activities, he realized that he was truly a fortunate man to have found such a passionate and understanding wife. He could tell that she was finding pleasure in her body and that could only bode well for their married life.  Their lives would truly be blessed. 


Realizing that he was near his own release, his attention was drawn to his own body as he began to focus on accomplishinig his relief.  Groaning as he felt his climax nearing, he reached over to grab a nearby handkerchief and covered himself to catch his seed.  When he was ready, he closed his eyes and escatsy graced his mien as he cried out, “Oh, G-d, Elizabeth!  What you do to me!”


As he leaned back to recover, he opened his eyes and saw that she had watched him reach his release.  Her face was passive and he was beginning to be apprehensive of her reaction to what she had just witnessed.  Relief washed over him as a small smile appeared on her face.


Seeing that he had evidently achieved his goal, she stated, “I see you are no longer suffering on my behalf.”

“Indeed!” He gave her a mischievous grin.  “And have you refreshed yourself?”

She giggled, “Indeed!”


They sat for several minutes viewing the beauty of the human form that was the other. Finally, Elizabeth broached a subject that she never thought she would ever know about but as they had stripped down all the barriers between them, she inquired, “Do you do that often?”

Darcy, puzzled at the question, looked into her eyes and asked, “Do I do what often?”

She pointed to his now diminished penis and said, “Relieve your suffering.”

He threw back his head and laughed. “Yes, quite often since I met you.”

“Really?” she looked as if she did not believe him.

“Yes, it began at Netherfield while you were there with Jane. After I retired for the evening, I would lie abed and think of you being several rooms away. My, how those imaginings aroused me! The fantasy you enacted tonight was born at that time.

“Then at Rosings it was more often. At night I would picture you in my bed.  In the morning, after having dreamt of making love to you, I awoke so aroused that it hurt. Every time I visited you at the parsonage or met you in the grove, I had to rush back to my rooms at Rosings to remove the evidence of my desire for you.”

Elizabeth looked at him stunned. “I had no idea that gentlemen were so easily affected and would suffer such a state.  Is that what you meant about me doing something to you… after…when you…just a few minutes ago…” she did not have a term for what she had just witnessed and just pointed to his penis.

“The term is masturbating,” he supplied.  “It means reaching physical satisfaction by one’s self.  You performed the female version earlier when you were touching yourself.”

“Oh!” was all she could reply.  His honesty and forthright approach made her happy as it marked an attitude that she had hoped they would adopt in their marriage.  But to have it start at the beginning was more than she could have ever anticipated.   While the subject was not easy to discuss in any circumstance, he approached it without embarrassment putting her at ease.  He did say that she had things to learn and she was pleased her teacher was someone who not only she could trust but trusted her enough to approach these topics openly and honestly and without shame.

Elizabeth, you are the only woman who has so affected me.” He reached down to his penis as it was beginning to stiffen again. “See, just talking to you affects me.  It has been a constant struggle to keep my passion for you in check.”

She felt slightly uncomfortable as her eyes rested on his organ as it began to swell. Lying flaccid upon him, his manhood was not so intimidating. Watching as his hand skillfully manipulated his shaft, she came to the realization that if he was going to stick that into her, it had to be hard and erect.  While she had been anticipating him doing such to her, she had not expected him to be so large and was truly concerned as to whether or not it would fit inside her without too much pain. 

She knew she was being naïve and silly.  She trusted her husband implicitly.  Had he not been open and honest with her?  Had he told her that he would do nothing to hurt her? There was nothing to fear, he would not let any harm come to her.  But that little niggling of the unknown caused her to unconsciously draw her knees up to her chin as she wrapped her arms around her legs. 

“Please do not do that, I do enjoy looking at you in your natural state,” he requested.  He could see that her fears were beginning to overcome her and he wanted her to be open with him but he knew that he could not force her so he hoped that asking for her to do something simple for him would take her mind off of what was disturbing her.

Elizabeth looked at him and realized that she was being selfish.  He was not shy at all about his state of undress and he did not want her to be.  After all, they were married now.  Did he not just say there should be no obstacles between them?  If she was to be a true wife to him, then she could not be shy either.  Slowly she placed her feet on the floor and her arms on the armrest of the chair.  Taking a deep breath, she looked him in the eye and smiled.  Soon her eyes drifted down to his member as she watched in fascination as he toyed with it.  It was still somewhat limp as he absent-mindedly was swaying it back and forth.  It looked like a dog’s wagging tail and she suppressed her urge to laugh.

Trying to determine the best way to get her into the bed, he soon realized that he was playing with himself.   He was nervous and a bit anxious about what was to come and it was causing him to stiffen.  He removed his hand to the arm of the chair, leaned back and crossed his legs so as not to expose so much of himself to her. He sensed that either their nudity or his increasing manhood was beginning to disturb her and he knew that he needed to distract her to relieve her apprehension of the events to come. “I had not imagined that our night would begin in such a manner but I am not disappointed in the results thus far.  You have proven to be more than I had ever hoped for in a wife.”

Elizabeth blushed and nervously began casting about for something to do or say to keep her attention away from his penis. She didn’t mind the nudity as she found him extremely enticing in his unreserved form; his manhood distinctly captured her interest as well as her concern.  Seeing he was diminished to a size that she would consider more befitting to her internal spaces though it still appeared rather large, she pointed to the handkerchief he had used when he released himself.  “What is the purpose of the handkerchief?” she asked, hoping that it held some magic power to make him smaller even though she knew that to be a silly idea.

“To catch my seed as not to make a mess,” he replied as he glanced at the table. “When I was a young man and starting to explore my body, I would crawl into my bed and would quite stain the sheets. I found this new hobby quite enjoyable and spent a prodigious amount of time in my bed until the maids complained. When word got back to my father, he took me aside and explained to me the impression I was leaving behind and told me how to be more discreet in my activities – hence the handkerchief.”

Elizabeth laughed. She was beginning to feel at ease with him. In fact, she enjoyed looking at him in such an open and relaxed state. He was truly a handsome man with or without clothes. The fact that he was willing to share such intimate details of his life as well as perform such an intimate act in front of her made her realize that he truly valued her as an equal and a partner. While she was still a little uncomfortable being so exposed to him, she could not deny that there was excitement and a sense of trust established by the openness that now existed between them.

Darcy was finding it difficult to keep his erection at bay. He knew that she was still uneasy and he needed to distract her long enough to get her into his bed so that they could move on to the consummation of their marriage without her fears causing a set back to that proposition. Maybe if he could get her to arouse herself again it would take her mind off of his ever-increasing manhood until they could make it to the bed. He did not know if he could hold back much longer -- just watching her sit before him naked was taking its toll.

“You do not seem to be bothered by sitting here without your clothes,” she stated.

Now she is talking about our nudity,” he thought. “Does she not know what she is doing to me?” Sitting with his legs crossed was becoming increasingly uncomfortable but it was the only way to hide her affect on him.

“Actually when I am in the privacy of my chambers, I am usually unclothed. Clothing is restrictive to feeling free and uninhibited but is necessary to protect the sensibilities of others. When I am here,” he indicated his bed chamber, “I do not want to be restricted in any manner. This is the place I am most myself. I would hope in the future that you would grace my bed chamber in your current state as I want us to be free and unencumbered when we are together here. We cannot hide anything from each other when we are thus. As we have discovered, honest communication is the key to our happiness together, and what is more honest than to be stripped bare?”

Mr. Darcy, free and unencumbered and unrestricted?” Elizabeth pondered. “Who would believe this side of him? But who I am to argue? It gives me an excellent chance to learn the essence of my new husband.   So far, he has proven to be more than I ever imagined.” But then she realized that she was not sure if she could be so exposed to him.  His body was perfect, beautiful.  She had always been uncomfortable with the fact that she had a more than ample bosom.  She felt it was unladylike to have her breasts bounce around if they were not contained in some torturous manner.  Being naked would just allow him to see her faults and she was not sure if she was ready for that.  While she did not mind seeing him naked, for he appeared without fault, she tried to find a way to prevent having to display her imperfect body. “Fitzwilliam, while I cannot help but agree with your proposal, but what about our personal servants, will they not be shocked to see us gallivanting as wood nymphs?”

Darcy laughed at her imagery, “Darling, they view our naked bodies as part of their service to us.  My valet knows about my needs regarding nudity, I gave up hiding it from him years ago.   Though he helps me dress and sometimes undress, he knows never to enter my rooms without I bid him to do so. You must impress upon your maid the value of doing the same. Whether you make your maid privy to your nakedness is for you to decide but I would suggest you do so as it will help her in maintaining your privacy as well as our privacy.  As for the house maids, they know better than to enter the Master’s or Mistress’s chambers without one of our personal servants or Mrs. Winters telling them it is appropriate to do so.”

Sensing that she was still uneasy about being naked, he said, “Elizabeth.” When she looked at him, he smiled and continued, “If you are not comfortable with this, please put your gown back on.  I would not have you embarrassed by this.  I had not planned on you being exposed this way.  I was resigned to giving up being naked in my chambers once we were married”

She slowly shook her head, “No, it is not that...” She lowered her eyes to the floor.


“Would you like for me to put on my dressing gown?” he asked trying to make her more comfortable.


Her eyes came up to meet his.  “NO!” she said with certainty.  “It is not that…it is just…I am…” she was embarrassed to tell him that her breasts were flawed.   Surely he could see that and he is just being nice.


Standing, he placed his hands discreetly in front of his manhood and crossed over to his bride.  Kneeling before her, he took her hands in his, “Then what can I do for you to ease your discomfort?” he asked genuinely concerned.


“There is nothing.  I am afraid that I must be a disappointment to you,” she said, embarrassed by her many faults.


Elizabeth, you could never disappoint me.  Why do you think that I would be disappointed in you?” he quietly asked.


“Is it not obvious?  You have such a beautiful, perfect body.  It is like a work of art.  You are truly a man without fault!  But my body is quite flawed, like someone made a mistake when they sculpted it.” She looked off into the near distance.


Darcy leaned back a little and said “Elizabeth, your body is quite beautiful.  What is it that you do not like about it?  I find it most pleasing.”


She removed her hands from his and cupped her breasts.  Looking him in the eye, she said “These!”


He lowered his head to conceal his amusement.  Regaining his composure, he looked up at her and smiled “I have been enamored of those,” he nodded toward her breasts, “since my first acquaintance with you.  I am surprised you have never caught me staring at them.”


She looked at him shocked, “Well, I confess I did but I thought you were looking at them to find fault.”


Elizabeth!” he said shocked, “If you knew the struggle it was for me not to tear the gown from your body to behold such perfection, you would not say such a thing.”


She smiled shyly, “But sir, you will not say that once you see them bouncing and flouncing about when I walk about this room.”


He thought I am most desirous of seeing that.  If she wants to talk about bouncing and flouncing about then she should see my…better not go there.  I have just gotten her mind off of it and we do not need to go down that path again.


Moving his hands up to just below her breasts, he gently asked, “May I?” indicating he wanted to touch them.


Shyly she nodded.


Softly touching the underside of her breasts with his fingers, he noted that she inhaled deeply and leaned her head back at his touch.  Moving his fingers up and to the sides, he continued his caress along the tops.  He heard her gasp as he lightly traced circles around her nipples.  Their eyes then met.


Giving her a tender look, he said with all sincerity “Elizabeth, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.  Your eyes are wondrous, your face is gorgeous, but these …,” he cupped her breasts, “these are perfect.  They are exquisite.  You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about them.  They are even more bountiful and beautiful than I imagined. I am quite desirous of getting better acquainted with them.  If truth be told, in your naked state they are your best asset.”   He leaned in to place a kiss on each nipple.  Grinning, he continuing, “Besides, I am quite looking forward to seeing them bounce and flounce about.  I would be very disappointed if they did not.”  He then went to squeeze her nipples.


Relief flooded her as she realized that he actually thought they were beautiful and was not dissatisfied with them.  Grinning at his playfulness, she moved her torso from side to side to let him see just how animated her breasts could be. 


Taking her hands and drawing her to her feet, he leaned in and bestowed upon his wife’s mouth a passionate kiss. As the kiss deepened, he pulled her into his embrace.  The sensation of skin upon skin immediately shocked and aroused them to such an extent that they could not seem to kiss enough or touch enough and were lost in each other.  Finally, Darcy scooped his wife up into his arms, “Mrs. Darcy, it is time we retire for the evening and begin this union in its truest sense.”


Elizabeth’s eyes widened when his erection poked her hip and she realized what was about to happen.

Darcy smiled down to her. “Remember you are to trust me and what I tell you; and I tell you, it will fit.”  




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