In All Their Glory     

Part II – The First Time

As the bed had been turned down in anticipation of their endeavors, he lay Elizabeth gently on one side of the bed and then sat on the edge beside her.

Elizabeth, we are to begin what I hope will be a very pleasant experience for you,” he stated.  She looked at him skeptically as she reached over and touched the tip of his erection. Good girl, you don’t seem to be quite so frightened of it.  I am looking forward to you getting better acquainted with it as it is very desirous of being acquainted with you.


In his most sincere voice, he explained, “I want you to know that if I do anything that disturbs, distresses or hurts you, please speak out and I will stop. Is that understood?”


She nodded her head as she slowly slid her hand down the length of his manhood.  She had never felt anything as magnificent as his engorged shaft.  Its softness and strength somewhat eased her concerns a bit as she tried to determine how something that felt so wonderful could ever cause her pain.

She looked up into his eyes and asked, “What am I to do to make this a pleasant experience for you, Sir?”

“Nothing at all, I will teach you how to please me later. Right now I only want you to feel how wondrous our joining can be. I will show you that there is nothing to be frightened of.”

As Darcy rose to move around to his side of the bed, he realized that he was flying at full mast. Quickly he bent to kiss her as he resettled himself on the edge of the bed. He knew he should stay close in case her fears of him inserting himself within her caused her to bolt.  He placed a hand on her breast and softly squeezed it as he had seen her do earlier. Then he took his other hand and began to encircle her nipple. As he felt her begin to tense, he looked to her face to see her reaction. It was everything that he had hoped it would be; she was enjoying his ministrations – taking pleasure in them. Next he took her nipple between his fingers, pinched it and then rolled it. She arched her back and let out a soft moan. Lowering his head to her other breast, he began to suckle it. When she started to writhe– he knew she was definitely becoming a willing participate.


Elizabeth had never felt such pleasant sensations.  Why, he knew how to produce feelings from her that she had never imagined.  She had never even come close to experiencing what he was evoking when she fumbled about her body.

Darcy was well pleased. His new wife was showing herself to be a very sensual woman and that would satisfy him the rest of his days. Now, if he could just get her over her fear of the consummation, he would receive his heart’s desire.

As he continued using one hand to stimulate one breast and his mouth the other, he moved his other hand down to her sex, softly massaging it. This produced a decided reaction on her part.

“Oh, Fitzwilliam, please do not stop!” she demanded.

“I have not intention of stopping, my dear wife,” he murmured around her nipple as he slid a finger into her wetness.  She was definitely ready for him.  He could not believe that she was so responsive to just the small amount of stimulation that he had provided her.

“Fitzwilliam, how did I not know it could be this way?” she queried. He slid another finger in and began a gentle thrust. 

She pushed her hips down trying to get his fingers to go deeper. 

He raised his head to look at her. “Elizabeth, are you enjoying this?” he queried.


She smiled at him and nodded her head vigorously as she was too overwhelmed by the sensations she was feeling to speak.


“Good, I am glad.  I have two fingers inside you and am spreading them apart. Do you feel it?”

Regaining her voice, she replied as she returned his gaze, “Yes, it feels so wonderful!”

“This wondrous feeling you are experiencing is about the width of the part of my anatomy that wants so dearly to replace my fingers. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes, I want to feel you where your fingers are.”  She was beginning to feel desperation.  She needed to have the feeling of him filling her completely.

“Good girl, Elizabeth, I am now going to place my body so I can do so.” He gently pushed her legs apart as he positioned himself on top of her.

With her legs opened to him, she waited for that wonderful feeling to return. She longed for him to touch her, to fill her with the exquisite sensations he had just evoked.  She wanted to feel that wonderfully magnificent organ of his within her. Needing to feel connected to him, she sighed as she felt his body slowly lower onto hers. Feeling his erection run the length from her sex to her navel, it struck her that while it might fit in girth, the length of such a large appendage would not fit complately inside her. She looked up at him, eyes wide.

He knew something was the matter and he lifted slightly off of her with just his tip resting on her navel. “What is the matter? Did I do something to hurt you?”

“Oh, Fitzwilliam, I do not think it is going to fit!” she cried.  She wanted to feel all of him inside her but she did not think there to be enough room inside her to accommodate him.

Darcy inhaled deeply. What was he going to do? He couldn’t just barge in to show her that it would fit – and quite nicely at that. There was still her maidenhead to get past and that would be painful for her. He had to make this work for her if he was ever going to enjoy a passionate life with his wife.

“Why do you think that it is not going to fit? I just showed you that you can adapt most enjoyably to the size. In fact, I think you found it quite pleasurable.”

“Yes, I did. It is not the width that I am concerned about. It is the length. Your tip is at my navel and I do not believe there is enough space in there.” She proceeded to show him by placing her hands about two feet apart making him aware of her estimate of his size.  She was now afraid that he would not fit in her and she would be a disappointment to him.  Now that she had a taste of carnal pleasures, she was afraid that his dissppointment in her accommodations would drive him away from their marital bed.  All she could do was delay the unavoidable fact that she was not his perfect match.

Oh, Good Lord, Elizabeth! While Darcy’s pride was extremely flattered by her assessment of his dimension, her reluctance to consummate was becoming exasperating. He took a deep breath. He needed to show her how much this was worth her while – as well as his. Once he got past her maidenhead, he could deal with the length issue. But he could not help smiling at her exaggerated impression of his manliness.

Elizabeth, I can only go as deeply as your body will allow me.” There, the truth was out.

“Oh,” was her reply knowing that was the whole crux of the problem. “But will you not get satisfaction from our union unless you are fully within me?”

“Where did you get that idea?” he was fast losing hope that their conjugal union would be accomplished.

“When I was watching you earlier, you seemed to pay particular attention to the bottom of it where it joins to the rest of your body. By my calculation, that area would be the last to enter me and if it could not plumb my depths sufficiently, you would not be satisfied by our coupling.”

He looked down at her in awe. She definitely was imaginative and certainly was thinking of his pleasure. He could only love her all the more. But why did she continue to avoid the inevitable? And what was he to do with this present situation? 


All the sudden he started as he felt a hand stroking his most anxious erection. He looked down and watched as she eagerly began to coax him to climax.

“Stop!” he cried.

She quickly removed her hands from him and looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to …”

Elizabeth, you did nothing wrong. Your touch stimulated me in such a way that I was about to complete this by releasing my seed upon you – not in you.”

“Oh,” she looked at him sheepishly, the tears vanishing from her eyes. “What are we going to do now? I could go get a handkerchief and finish it for you. You looked quite beautiful when you placed the handkerchief and released yourself into it.  You even called my name.”

“Yes, but the purpose of what we are trying to achieve now is for me to release my seed in you so that you may sow it and produce an heir for me.” He knew he sounded harsh and when he looked into her eyes with tears welled within them, he felt the cad.

Elizabeth, forgive my bluntness but we have two objectives to accomplish. First, make you truly my wife, and a woman, by removing your maidenhead.  Second, start our family. The second objective can wait and be addressed later. There are ways I can give you my seed without fully ‘plumbing’ your depths. But before we can do that, we need to get past your maidenhead or all will be for naught.”

“Yes, I understand, may I ask how do you propose we proceed?” Her hopes in delaying this coupling were fading fast. 

He replied with a kiss – a quite passionate one, probing deeply with his tongue. Then he directed his attention to her breasts. When he heard her moan, he slipped his hand between them and started stroking her folds as he slowly lifted up and placed his erection at her opening.  Slowly he entered her until he felt resistance.


She moaned loudly and said “Oh, please do not stop, it is too wonderful a feeling to stop.”  All conscious thought had escaped her and the need to have him fully within her had banished her fears.

Darcy did not want to stop either. He wanted nothing more than to take her right this moment. Remembering her fear and the fact that his next action would cause her pain, he knew he had to regain his senses and proceed in a way to gain her trust. He feared the misinformation that she received from her mother might taint their future lovemaking and he was going to make this right for her even if it caused him pain. Talking a deep breath to settle himself, he said, “Elizabeth, I must stop for a moment. I have reached your maidenhead and I must break through it. This will hurt you but I will not withdraw unless you find the pain too intense. If you do, let me know and I will remove myself from you. Do you understand me?”


She nodded and Darcy continued, “Look down between our bodies, can see where we are joined?” 

She lifted her head and nodded again.


“I promise you I will go no further unless you give me your permission. Are you ready?”

She shut her eyes tightly and nodded.  She hoped desparately he would be able to go further.  By what she had observed when she looked at where they were joined, he had not even gotten half the length of his shaft within her; there was quite a lot of it to go before he would be fully encased inside her.


He gently pushed past the resistant barrier. She was now truly his wife. 


He watched her face for any signs of discomfort. He saw a slight wince when the membrane broke but now her face was calm. “Elizabeth, open your eyes, how do you feel?”

His concern about her welfare made her heart swell. She knew there was still more of him to get within her and she took a deep breath and prayed he would fit.  Exhaling, she said, “My darling husband, please proceed further. I quite like the sensation of having you within me.”

Grinning as he had never grinned before, he slid into her all the way to the hilt. His problems were solved and he was indeed a very happy man as he leaned down to kiss his wonderful, beautiful wife.

They remained kissing each other for several minutes.  She was tightly sheathed around him and she would need some time to adjust to his length and girth before they could continue.

She was ecstatic.  Feeling his balls brushing against her bottom, she knew he was fully enveloped within her.  She had never been happier in her life and wanted nothing more to remain like this forever.

Darcy decided it was the time to get on with objective two of this exercise. He slowly started to remove himself from her core when she suddenly shouted, “No!” and placed her hands on his buttocks trying to push him back in.

Darcy startled at her exclamation as he was focusing on his retreat and subsequent re-insertion. “What is the matter? Did I hurt you?”

“No, you feel so good inside of me that I did not wish you to leave.”

“Oh, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere,” he grinned as he quickly moved back until his tip was just inside her and swiftly thrust back into her depths.

“Ohhhhh!” she exclaimed and closed her eyes at the feeling of his shaft rubbing against her insides was producing. “That felt good. Do it again!”

Darcy continued retreating and thrusting. The momentum was building, his hand never provided this much stimulation. Everything he had been through tonight was well worth this reward.

He knew that with this being Elizabeth’s first time that she would not feel the same release that he would but he would try to make it better for her. When his release was upon him, he reached between their bodies and found her button and started rubbing it. He could feel her body tense and arch and as he felt her shudder, she looked up at him in amazement. Now he could spill his seed as he could feel her milking him for all he was worth. He called her name and collapsed upon her. She cradled his head as she soothed him back from heights he never imagined reaching.

“My magnificent husband, will it always be this wonderful?” she cooed.  Her fears vanquished and the most exciting and exhilarating and pleasurable experience of her life was complete; she wanted nothing more than to repeat it.

“No, my dear wife, it will only get better.” He kissed her soundly as he went to remove himself from her.

“When can we do this again?” She begged him.  She hoped it would be soon as she was most desirous to feel those sensastions that only he could make her feel.

I am a very fortunate man. “Just give me a few moments to recover myself and I will see what I can do to satisfy you,” he said with a laugh.  “And see I told you it would fit!”

“Yes, you did!  It fit very nicely indeed,” she laughed.


As Darcy and Elizabeth lay side by side gazing into other each other’s eyes, reliving the euphoric feelings they had experienced in their first foray into lovemaking, Elizabeth began to wonder how he came to know what to do to get her into such an excited state.  She had had limited success on her own but he had done things to her that she could never have imagined.  He, evidently, had done this before.

“Fitzwilliam, you must have had many lovers to know how to handle my inexperience and unfounded insecurities.” She blushed as she said this. She knew that was not a proper thing to say to her husband but he had professed wanting an open and honest relationship.


He looked at her and said sincerely, “You are only my second.”

She looked at him in disbelief. This man knew how to make her body feel things that she did not even know existed. He said that this was just the beginning of her education. “But how is that possible? How often do you visit with her?” she queried. Damn propriety.

Elizabeth, I do not have a mistress nor have I ever kept one. You have shown me tonight that I will never have need of one. You will fulfill me in ways I have yet to imagine and I will never want to look elsewhere.”


“I am glad to hear that as I must confess that once we started, I believed you would not fit completely inside of me and that I would disappoint you and you would have to look somewhere else for satisfaction,” she stated.


Elizabeth, I would never have done that.  I would have honored my marriage vows.  But now that we know your fears are groundless, we will share our connubial felicity for the rest of our lives and I hope on a very regular basis.  However I will admit to thinking that pain was your primary motivation for delaying our joining.” He replied.


“Well, pain was my first fear but once I touched you there,” she went to stroke his penis, “I knew that something that felt so soft and wonderful would not cause me any pain.”


He laughed at the misunderstandings that they could still have.  However, he was heartened that they were being so honest and open with each other.

“Then who was your first?” she was determined for Darcy to explain how he knew exactly what to do, also she was curious about his first sexual experience. He definitely knew about hers. Were they now not equals after all?


He looked at her quizzically, “First?”


“The other lady who shares with me the distinction of being completely fulfilled by Fitzwilliam Darcy, gentleman,” she confirmed with a smile.

“Before I went to Cambridge and shortly after the handkerchief talk, my father took me to London. There are houses here that contain women who are paid to service a man’s carnal urges.” He paused, thinking that he may have overstepped her sensibilities.

However, she just nodded to him. “Please go on.”

“On the way to London, my father explained the mechanics of the act. While I had an idea of how my end of things worked, I had no idea of what I needed to do when a woman was involved.  He went on to admonish me not to take my newfound knowledge to extremes. The sexual act should only be performed within the confines of marriage. To ensure that my wife would not suffer, I would need to learn what to do firsthand before subjecting her to an experience that would be detrimental to both of us.”

She smiled at this and nodded for him to continue.

“As soon as we arrived at such a house, my father left me at the front door and said that he would return when they thought I was ready. I asked him to explain what I was to be prepared for and he replied ‘to please your wife.’ I was then escorted to a bed chamber where this completely naked woman immediately began undressing me. By the time my breeches dropped to the floor my manhood was eager to feel the sensations that my hand could not provide. I quickly climbed on top of her.  After fumbling around trying to find where I needed to I insert myself, she grabbed my shaft and guided into the appropriate place.  The sensation of having my manhood so engaged caused my control to vanish and I began thrusting into her as if there was no tomorrow. Being within a woman for the first time definitely excited me beyond my powers of restraint and with three quick thrusts, I was spent.

“The woman pushed me off her, gathered up my clothes and threw them out in the hall. I was mortified and disappointed that I had not been able to enjoy this first experience longer. She returned wearing a robe.  Standing at the foot of the bed, she said, ‘Mr. Darcy, that exhibition of yours was entirely unsuitable. You need to learn restraint in wielding your sexual appetites. You will not leave here until you have learned to please a woman before pleasing yourself.”


Elizabeth looked at him in awe and asked, “So how long were you with her?”

“Several days. First she explained where to pleasure a woman and how to do it. She proceeded to pleasure herself, showing me in detail the areas of a woman’s body that required the utmost attention and how to give it. Then she had me practice my newly gained knowledge on her. However, in my eagerness to explore the world of sexual delights, I found my control to be sorely lacking and tried to move on to the lesson where I could satisfy myself within her.  But she taught me to pace myself and give her pleasure before I took my own pleasure.  It took several days before she deemed me a suitable lover.”

“Is that why you can arouse yourself so easily? I noticed after the first time that it did not take long to become firm again.” She looked down at his growing penis and went to touch it. He gripped her hand and smiled.

Elizabeth, it does not take much to arouse a man when the right temptation is before him. And you, my dear wife, exceed any temptation ever placed before me. But I am not done with my story and besides there is something at the end that I hope you find important.” Her eyes widened and he continued, “Finally the woman sent for my father and informed him that I had been a good student and would serve my wife well. When we arrived home, my father took me to his study and handed me several books on the sexual encounter and a large box of handkerchiefs. He told me that I would probably need the handkerchiefs as I perused the books and hoped that until I found a wife that the only place I should deposit my seed was in the handkerchief. And so I did, until tonight.”

“And you performed most admirably, my husband. Are you to teach me how to serve you well?” she grinned at him.

“That I will be most pleased to do; now you can touch me and we shall begin our lessons.” He grabbed her hand and placed it on his hardened member as his other hand went to tweak her breast.




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