In All Their Glory    



Part III – The Morning After


In the early morning hours, just before dawn, Elizabeth woke lying on her back with her head nestled on her new husband’s shoulder. His arm wound around her so that his hand was holding her breast.  She grinned at the thought of him so enamoured with the part of her body that she considered as her worst asset.  He had made her quickly reassessed her thinking on that part of her body as his interest with her breasts bordered on obsession.  He just could not keep his hands from them and when he added his mouth to those ministrations.  Oh…what ecstasy!

Gently removing herself from his grasp, she sat up so she could get a better look at him.  He was an extremely handsome man but when asleep, his features soften to the point that he was absolutely beautiful.  Gazing at his face, it was not long before she moved her eyes down his body.  Carefully studying his broad chest sprinkled with silky hair to his lean stomach, she continued on along that sprinkling of hair that lead to his penis that was limply resting in the hollow where his leg met his upper body.  She had thought that a man would feel coarse, especially that part of his anatomy, so she was astonished that his felt softer than the finest velvet.  She reached out to touch the tip and then ran her finger down the length of it.  Leaning over, she lifted it up to get a closer look at it.  As she moved it about examining it, it began to swell in her hand.  She could not believe she was arousing her husband and he was still asleep.  Looking back at his face, she saw that he was indeed still sleep as she also heard his gentle snores.

Boldly she began to play with it as she had seen him do earlier.  It kept growing harder and larger until before she knew it was at its full potential.  She could hardly believe that she had accomplished something so amazing.  She knew nothing of the male body except what she had observed last night and here she had fully aroused her husband’s manhood.  She felt quite pleased with herself. 

But what was she to do with it now?  Based on the little knowledge that she did have, she knew that once it had reached that size it needed to be relieved.   Not knowing where he kept his handkerchiefs, she decided that she would have to serve in their stead.  He did find his release inside her earlier, did he not?  Besides, her exploration of her husband’s body had left her quite aroused.

Rising to her knees, she positioned herself astride him.  Reaching down to hold his erection, she lowered herself until it was touching her.  Then she fumbled about trying to position it in the place where it needed to enter her.  Once she located it, she slowly slid down his length until she was completely filled by him.  But now what?  In their previous couplings he had thrust into her, he would pull back and then push into her but how was he going to do that if he was asleep and on his back?  Not knowing what else to do, she just sat there enjoying the feel of her husband inside her, before she knew it she was playing with her breasts and rocking back and forward over him.  Oh! What a delicious feeling! 

But how was she going to relieve his suffering?  Just as she had decided that she needed to climb off him and do it the way she had watched him do it earlier, he woke up.  She felt a bit guilty for waking him up but was very relieved that he would be able to take over from that point because she had no idea of what to do next.  How did I deserve such a wonderful husband?



Darcy was having the most erotic dream. That is until he awoke to find it was not a dream.  His wife was atop him, sunk to his hilt, and playing with her nipples, softly moaning. 


“I see you have anticipated the lesson on how to properly awaken your husband.”  He lifted his hips with a slight thrust to let her know he was eager to continue what she had started.


She hung her head. “I am shamed to admit that the state you find me has more to do with my selfish needs than yours.  Did you know that even in your sleep you seem responsive to my touch?”


Laughing, he said “Be that as it may, your instincts do you credit as my wife.  But are you not sore?  This is not something you have done before.” 


“Well, my instincts were not very good earlier when I thought it would not fit.  And as to the soreness, I find that having you massage me in such a way is a relief and any soreness vanishes as the pleasure overtakes it.”  She ground herself against him to prove her point.  Hanging her head, she admitted, “The feeling of having you completely fill me was too much to resist.   Are you now ashamed of having such a wanton wife?”


“Lizzy, you do not know how happy it makes me to have such a wanton wife.  The fact of your wantonness makes me love you even more.  I am also glad that I can relieve your pain in such a satisfying way.” He grinned at her.  He hoped she was not fibbing about her soreness but she did not look to be in any pain.  In fact, she looked quite satisfied.  But he did not want to hurt her even if it meant abstinence for awhile.  While he desparately did not want to restrain his newly released sexual drives, he did not want to injure or impair her for any future joinings.


“I am perfectly fine and you fit so well within me that I could not help myself,” she grinned back at him.  Sobering a bit, she added, “But I have also come to a realization tonight.  I could never understand why the church spent so much time warning against the sin of fornication and how it was only to be used for procreation while my mother was constantly complaining about how onerous this marital duty was even though she participated in it enough to bear five children.  Why would you have to be warned off such an unpleasant task?  It seems I have found the answer to that conundrum,” she stated as she moved herself up and down her husband’s shaft.


Sobering, he pulled her down for a kiss and then into an embrace.  Whispering in her ear, he confessed, “Lizzy, you do not now how delighted I am that you do not find this part of your marital duties objectionable.”


She rose up to a sitting position and re-settled herself on him. “Objectionable!” she exclaimed.  “Absolutely not!  This is not a duty; it is a labor of love.”


Leaning her head back, she closed her eyes and sighed as she began slowly to rock back and forth over his erection.


He placed his hands on her thighs to get her attention.  When she raised her head to look at him, he spoke tenderly, “My dear, sweet Lizzy, how I love you.”


Placing her hands on his forearms, she responded, “I love you, too, Will, with all my heart and all my body.”


They held a loving gaze as Darcy softly moved his hands up to circle her hips, then her waist, and on up her upper body to place his hands just below her arms with his thumbs lodged under her breasts.  He lifted her up so that his tip was just inside her before lowering her as he thrust into her.  Moving his hands to her waist, he repeated his actions while he increased the pace. 


When she realized that his eyes had drifted to her bosom that was flopping about, she blushed as she brought her hands up to still them.


He stopped and went to stay her actions.  “Lizzy, do not be ashamed.  They are quite lively and you know much I enjoy liveliness, especially in you.”  He grinned at her, caressingly and gently squeezing her breasts.  Moving to her nipples, he teased them until she stiffened her back and moaned her enjoyment at his attentions.


Making her resolution, she smiled at him and said, “I guess there are parts of our bodies that we cannot control so it is best not to worry about them.”


He nodded.


She gave him a wicked grin, “I think I will quite enjoy viewing the parts of your body that you cannot seem to control and that are likely to bounce and flounce about.”


He laughed as he went about re-establishing a pace that was pleasurable to both of them.  United in heart, body, and mind, they soon found their completion.





Later that morning, Darcy awoke and immediately went to grasp his erection only to find it was not erect.  What a singular occurrence! He could not remember that last time it was not hard and throbbing when he awoke as usually every night he had erotic dreams of her.  Recalling that his activities of the night before where not dreams, he realized that his manhood, too, needed some rest.  He looked over to see his wife’s beautiful body snuggled next to him, sleeping so peacefully.  She truly is an exceptional woman to have adapted so quickly to my somewhat unique lifestyle choice and overcome, with such grace, a scene that a maiden should never have been exposed to.


Darcy fondled himself as his thoughts drifted.  He was a Darcy and therefore was expected to exhibit honor and decorum at all times but he was a Fitzwilliam on his mother’s side.  Fitzwilliam men were known for their lusty ways and overactive libido.  So it had been a real struggle for him to maintain his promise to his father about maintaining celibacy until he was married.  His body rebelled and his only release was to take matters into his own hands, which helped but was no substitute for the charms of a woman.  Fortunately his circumstances in life allowed him a certain control on his sexual desires.  Taking over as Master of Pemberley at such an early age left him with little time to think on such things and after he began to appear in society at large, he found that the women he might have felt a desire for only wanted him for his material possessions.  It was quite disillusioning and therefore his appetites were easy to suppess.  That is until he met Elizabeth Bennet.  Elizabeth could have cared two figs about him or his standing in society or his money and thus started the attraction to her. 


Observing Elizabeth became an obsession for him and that obsession had awakened the Fitzwilliam male in him that made his struggles all the more harder and his appetites in that area more difficult to suppress.  He believed that a mere country girl was not sufficient for a man of his consequence but his body told him differently.  He fought long and hard the attraction he had to her as he believed it only a physical allurement.  Several months after he had left her behind, he met her again while visiting, of all places, his aunt’s house in Kent.  After being in company with her a couple of times, he realized that there was more than just a carnal interest, his heart was involved as well. She had touched his heart as no other woman had come close to as he saw all those qualities in her that he wanted in a wife – a partner in life:  She was kind, generous, caring, witty, intelligent, and beautiful.  In addition, she held no pretensions, she charmed everyone she met, and she could hold her own in difficult situations – what more could he want. 


He was devastated when he went to offer his hand in matrimony to find that she did not want his hand or any other part of him.  The period after that refusal had been the worse time in his life rivaling even the death of his father more than five years previously.  It was at that time that he had come close to breaking that promise he had made to his father.  He vowed that if he could not have Elizabeth then he would not marry.  The promise was forfeited.  He made it to the front steps of a well known brothel that catered to the discerning gentleman.  But whatever made him stop, he was eternally thankful because, now, lying beside him was everything he had ever wanted in life.  The fact that he had found in her the same sexual desires and drive that he had long tried to suppress made him the happiest of men because he now had more than he ever wished to have.  He only hoped his libido was active enough now to sustain her appetites since he believed he had awoken a sleeping tigeress and he was more than ready to take advantage of it.


Soon his thoughts turned to the events of the past night.  He smiled as he recalled the last predicament he had to contend with:  After three joyous couplings in less than six hours, not counting the erotic masturbation scene prior to getting her to his bed, he was exhausted.   As they settled themselves after that third time, her hand went immediately to wrap itself around his extremely well-used shaft.  She was poised to begin again.  He had never wielded his manhood so often, not even as a boy secreted under the sheets of his bed years ago.  His pride would never let him admit that he could not keep up with his wife.  She expected him to satisfy her and he would not deny her.  But where did she get her stamina?  Must be from all that walking!  Was she not sore?  She had never used those muscles in such a way as he knew that she was not fond of horseback riding and if she was, she would never ride astride.  What was he going to do?  He could hardly keep his eyes open even though he could feel his member stiffening in response to her actions.


Realizing that he would have to swallow his pride and disappoint his wife, he began, “Lizzy, I am so sorry but …” Lifting his head he realized that she was sound asleep, lightly snoring and with her hand gently wrapped around his manhood.  Thanking the powers that be for giving him such a wife, he had let sleep overtake him.


Then a few hours later he awoke to find her atop him, he could not help but be pleased with her initiative.  He knew that she had been curious about his body and her explorations had caused his arousal.  It thrilled him that she mounted him but he could not but chuckle at the fact she was not sure what to do once she had.  But it was a most gratifying way to awakened.

Now looking down at his hand stroking his erection, realization struck that there was something much better than his hand to provide the satisfaction he sought lying right beside him. Now he could repay the favor and show her how a husband should wake his wife.

She was sleeping soundly facing away from him slightly on her stomach with her buttocks nestled against his hip. Rolling on his side and somewhat over her, he positioned his aroused length for entry into the warm world that was his Elizabeth. Pushing his leg between hers, he gained better access to her inner core. Knowing how tight her sheath was, he could hurt her if she was not ready for him. With his tip, he gently probed her folds. Sensing wetness, inch by inch he slowly pressed his hardness into her. When he could go no further, he paused to feel the rapture of being encased in this spectacular woman. After taking a few moments to relish the feel of her, his ardor increased and he started a slow glissade, every stroke was heaven, until he sensed the need to hurry his pace.

Stilling himself, he debated what to do. She looked to be still asleep. It would show utter selfishness to complete himself within her without her conscious knowledge. But did she not try to do the same to him earlier? No, that was different – this is all new to her, she would not know better. He never imagined marrying a woman where this would ever become a topic for discussion. Much more to his delight, he never thought his wife would share his voracity for such an activity.

It pleased him to know that his bride needed him to give her enjoyment whether he was conscious or not. With her newfound awareness of the pleasures he could bestow upon her, Darcy decided that it might be a good way to get some much needed sleep and still be able to satisfy his wife.  Besides she had gotten quite a workout over the past ten hours and she needed her rest for what he had planned for their first day of married life – as it did not involve leaving their bed. 

But what was he to do in the meantime? His honor would not allow him to take advantage of his beloved in such a way. No, he had ways to compose himself. If he was to keep up with her today, a little more sleep would be very useful. 

Moving his body slightly away from hers to navigate his withdrawn, he was shocked to feel his wife’s hand on his butt cheek pulling him back towards her.

“Fitzwilliam, I so desperately desire you to continue what you are doing,” she stated sleepily.

Elizabeth, you are awake!” He was so relieved that he quickly plunged back into her.

“Almost.” She moved her hand to her breast.

Moving her hand away and cradling her breast as his fingers teased her nipple, he whispered, “No, let me do that.”

When he heard her moan and felt her back arch, he knew she was ready to enjoy his attentions. He was fast approaching the point of release and was determined that she would be satisfied even in her half awake state. Reaching over her body, he began a vigorous stimulation of her sex.

Lunging deeply when he felt her body tense, he ejaculated so intensely that he almost blacked out. Regaining his senses, he felt her still squeezing him tightly. He could even feel his desire stirring again as she kept pulling him further into her. He was in awe at the power his wife had on him.

Concern for his wife soon arose as he noticed that she was still in the throes of her climax and that he was still stimulating her. When he removed his hand, she began to relax seeking to recover from an extended orgasm.

Once recovered, she turned her head and grinned at him. “Mr. Darcy, you were absolutely right when you said it only gets better. I cannot believe I ever doubted you.”

That was a lesson that the courtesan never taught him. Definitely it was one he would remember for future use.  He also knew that his wife would be teaching him some other lessons that the courtesan never taught him.

He turned his wife over and gathered her in his arms. “I am fortunate you have finally come to see the wisdom in trusting me.”

Facing her husband, she asked “Was that instinct or a lesson you learned on how to please your wife?”

“Instinct, my love,” he laughed. “You provide such beautiful inspiration.”

“But you, my dear, do me credit as my husband,” she said as she kissed him.


As Elizabeth lay in her husband’s arms, she ruminated about the night before.  Never in her wildest imaginings would she have ever conceived of the joy and pleasure she felt in coupling with her husband.  Oh! She would admit to being a bit sore and experiencing some pain after that first time but it did not matter when compared to the exquisite gratification she had received from him when they mated the second time. By the third time, the pain was gone and the soreness was minimal and even that was erased as she felt him fill her again. 

In addition to the amazement she felt at the physical side of her new marriage, there was the insight into the private side of her new husband.  Never would she have imagined him to be so loving, caring, tender, and nude.  But added to all that was how much he smiled and laughed when he was alone with her; not to mention how he opened himself to her by talking about the most intimate aspects of his life.  Never would she have expected that they would have achieved such a level of intimacy.

Here she was a modest, country maiden – no, she was no longer a maiden by any means – lying naked beside her equally naked husband and feeling no embarrassment or inhibititions.  What had he done to her to make her gladly throw away her sense of modesty?  Whatever it was, she could not be but glad for it.

Oh! What bliss it is to be Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy!  Never would I have imagined such happiness!

Waking this morning to find her husband behind her in a most unorthodox but gratifying fashion, she was surprised at how versatile the sexual act could be.  According to her mother and Aunt Gardiner, the only way to perform the act was for the woman to be on her back with her legs spread and the man on top of her.  Little did they know!  How did her mother have five children with such misinformation?  When she remembered her Aunt’s words to trust her husband, she realized that her Aunt had known more than she was telling about this wonderful experience.  The one thing that her Aunt was wrong about was the statement that all Mr. Darcy needed was a little more liveliness.  As her Aunt had never seen him naked, she would not have known just how lively he can be.

She wondered just what else she was going to learn from her husband about this newfound adventure that they had embarked on.  Definitely, she was looking forward to further edification on the subject.

Having only gotten a few hours sleep, Elizabeth was amazed at how alive and energized she felt.  It must have had something to do with how she had been awakened.  With her inhibitions shed and her passions stirried, she only wanted to remain in this bed with her husband doing wondrous things to her for the rest of her life or, at least, for the rest of the day. However, her stomach was growling.  She needed sustenance so she turned to the only other person that would understand her dilimma,

“My darling husband, I have a problem.”

“And how may I solve your problem, my glorious wife?” He knew her to be hungry, as he was famished. Glancing at the clock on the mantelpiece, it was just after 8 o’clock; more that twelve hours since their dinner the evening before. They had expended a lot of energy in those hours with only some fruit and cheese and bread left in the room to sustain them through the night and that had been consumed at midnight.

“I need to break my fast,” she admitted.

Yes, he knew his wife. Reaching over for the bell pull, he said “Let me ring for Abernathy.”

“No!” she cried as she grabbed his arm. “The thought of putting a stitch of clothing on my body is repulsive. I shudder in disgust of even putting on my gown and robe.”

Stretching her body out like a purring cat, she raised her arms above her head. “I have never felt so free, so uninhibited. It is quite the glorious feeling and I am loath to give it up just yet. But I am very hungry.”

Contentment diffused Darcy’s face as he watched Elizabeth spread out in all her beautiful glory beside him. He knew her to be his kindred spirit and was very thankful that he had been able to change her mind about being his wife.

“I, too, share your hunger as well as your disdain for clothing but I do have a solution if you will let me ring for Abernathy.” He reached for the bell pull.

Hesitantly she nodded her assent and the deed was done.

“Knowing Abernathy, he already has a breakfast tray prepared for the both of us. He will probably bring it with him when he answers my call.” He saw a bit of fear in her eyes. “He will not enter this chamber unless I bid him, which I will not do. When he knocks, you get under the covers and I will deal with him. I need to give him instructions. Is there something special you would like to do today?”

“No, I only want to spend time with you. What do you have planned for us to do today?” she asked with a devilish look in her eye.  She wanted to spend the rest of the day in this bed with him but she thought that that made her sound wanton and somewhat selfish.   While she felt very wanton and selfish, she did not want to voice those feelings. 

With his newly gained knowledge of his wife’s enthusiasm for sexual activites, any plans of a more traditional day were soon flung out the window as more libidous thoughts flashed through his head.  A day spent with them both naked, enjoying the pursuit that the married state could offer, was all he was willing to consider.  Nothing else was more inviting.  “Good. You will be delighted to know that my plans for today do not require you worrying about clothing as you have lessons to attend to and that distraction will impede your studies.” He leaned over to kiss her. “I love you, Mrs. Darcy.”

Laughing, she stated, “I love you, too, Mr. Darcy. You are the most kind and considerate husband.” 

She moved her body to lie on top of his and placed her hands on either side of his face where she proceeded to kiss him most thoroughly.

As she enjoyed the feeling of her skin upon his, she began to feel a bit guilty enjoying such pleasures as she was now Mistress of the house.  “Fitzwilliam, will not the servants know what we will be doing all day?”

He laughed, “We are newlyweds, Elizabeth.  This is what we are supposed to be doing.”

“But during the day?” she asked.

“You are now Mistress of this house.  If you chose to laze about in bed all day with your husband, that is your prerogative.  It does not concern the servants,” he stated.

“But will they not talk?” she queried.

“Of course they will but they are extremely discreet as you will find out.  Besides they have waited so long for me to bring a wife here so that the Darcy legacy will be carried on that they will not begrudge us our privacy.” Wrapping his arms around her, he went on, “I thought you felt uninhibited, so what difference does it make what the servants think?”

“Well, if you put it that way, it does not matter at all!” she kissed him very seductively.

A few minutes later, Abernathy’s knock sent Elizabeth scurrying under the covers as Darcy rose to don his robe.  His wife’s attentions had left him in an aroused state but at this point he could care less about whether Abernathy knew of his condition or not.  After all, he was a married man now and would it not be expected for him to show his delight at having his wife in his bed?  Abernathy was discreet above all else.

It was not long before she heard the door open again and peeked out from under the covers. Relieved to see her husband carrying a huge tray loaded with food, she scrambled out from under the bed covers to sit upon them.

Darcy laid the tray in the center of the bed as Elizabeth snatched a piece of toast and began eating it as if she had not eaten in a week.

“Mrs. Darcy!” he exclaimed, “It is not proper to begin eating before the rest of the party is seated.”

Giving her husband a smirk, she said, “I thought you said that we were eschewing propriety in this room.”

“Quite so, forgive me, Madam. Please continue gorging yourself. You will need your energy for the day ahead,” was his amused retort.

She smirked as she replied, “I am looking forward to expending my energy on you.”

It did not take long for them to devour every morsel on the tray. As they sat back satiated from one hunger, another one began gnawing at them.

Feeling the stirrings of the return of his previous arousal, Darcy knew he needed to act quickly as Elizabeth’s hand was reaching over to touch his manhood that was beginning to burst forth. He jumped out of bed and removed the tray to a nearby table.

“Do not pout, Elizabeth, it is not what you think.” He knew she would be upset that he rebuffed her attentions, especially as his body was showing evidence to the contrary.

Her pout turned to a frown, “You think you know me so well that after one day of marriage that you can read my mind?”

Darcy walked to a bookcase and retrieved a book from high on the shelf. “Yes!”

Although nudity may have loosened his reserve, it had done nothing for his arrogance. “Then you knew that I was enjoying you strutting around the room, displaying your plumage as a peacock?” she asked. 

He had just bent down to retrieve her gown and robe from the carpet where it had pooled the night before. “Pardon?” He abruptly straightened himself out.

“You heard me.  Now tell me you can read my mind,” she smiled sweetly at him and then directed a pointed look at his erection as it was bobbing up and down.

At her clever retort, he decided on his revenge. He walked over to the bed and placed his robe over the arm that held her night clothing. “I suggest you remove yourself to your chambers before I pull this bell,” his hand reached out to the pull, “or you will become a peahen on display to our servants.”

“You would not dare!” she looked at him in shock.

He pulled the bell.

She sat on the bed looking at him as if she could not believe that he had done such a thing.

He gave her a superior smirk and said, “Abernathy has seen me in a state of undress.  But he has not seen you yet, now has he?”

When she heard the outer door of the dressing room close, she leapt off the bed and ran, well hobbled (she was still a bit stiff from using her muscles in such a different manner the night before), to the adjoining door. Before opening it, she turned to try to figure out what her husband was about only to find him hard upon her heels with his erection poking her side.

“Hurry, open the door, we don’t have much time.” He grabbed the door knob and opened the door.  Grabbing her up by the waist he pushed them both through to her bed chamber and slammed the door.

After the door was firmly closed behind them and Elizabeth safely deposited on the floor, she turned to him. Placing her hands on her hips, she said, “Fitzwilliam, what was that about?” and then pointed to the door.

“What to you mean? We just removed ourselves to your rooms for a change of scenery.” He tossed their robes on the bench at the foot of the bed and, with the book still in his hand, proceeded to the settee. He sat slumped so that he was on full display, hoping to provide her with a tempting view and then stated, “You seem to have a bit of trouble maneuvering your legs.”  Holding his erection and moving it back and forth, he teased, “Could this be the reason for your ambulatory problems?”

Still standing where he left her, she glared at him.

Sensing her annoyance at him but always enjoying the challenge she provided when she thought she had the right of things, he decided he could not let it pass. “I do love an angry Elizabeth.  Come here and let me feel that passionate nature of yours.”

“You, sir, are mocking me?” Her ire was up. Looking at him, she saw that he was smirking at her and baiting her to respond.

She had had her fill of his arrogance for the morning. Walking over to the water ewer, she poured herself a glass of water. After drinking half of it, she went to him and poured the rest on his evidence of desire.

He looked at her, astonished that she would do such a thing, then at his withered desire. He was speechless. Evidently there was a side to being married to a passionate woman that he had not anticipated.

“As I am no longer angry, I saw no reason for your passion to be aflame.” She looked him in the eye.  “Besides, as you can see, my legs are fully functional now.”

At the sight of her husband’s shocked expression, she realized that she might have gone a bit too far.  With an apologetic look as she realized that her action was to her detriment. “Would you, please, explain yourself, Sir?”

Elizabeth, I am so sorry for mocking you.” Glancing at his wet manhood as he reached for a pillow to absorb the moisture, he responded to her plea, “I had left instructions with Abernathy that when I rang the bell he was to come clear the breakfast tray and straighten up before letting the house maids in to refresh our bed chamber. We needed to retire to your chambers so they could accomplish that task without us embarrassing anyone by being in the nude. Based on your earlier statements, I assumed that it would also be your preference, as well.  I thought we had plenty of time and did not realize Abernathy was in the the servant’s corridor and not downstairs.”

Closing her eyes and lowering her head, she said, “Sir, I apologize for my rash action. I appear the fool when I do not trust you. Please forgive me. I believed you to be punishing me for my earlier impertinence with you.”

Elizabeth, I apologize to you as well for I promised to be open and honest with you but I failed in not sharing with you my simple plan. Besides, I love your impertinence; I would never punish you for it, at least not in that way.” He showed her his dimples and patted the settee, “Please come sit with me.”

As she sat beside him, he could not help but reach out and pinch her rosy red nipple.

She retaliated by grabbing his limp penis and stroking it until it was rock hard in a matter of moments.  “You were right about a man’s arousal,” she grinned.  Again she could not help but be pleased with herself for being able to get such a reaction from her husband.

He leaned his head back and smiled as he relished the sensations she was producing, “You have proven to be a very apt pupil but now we need to start your education in earnest.” He sat up and laid in her lap the book he had retrieved earlier.

“What is this?” she asked as she began leafing through the pages. Her eyes showed her astonishment as she viewed each page.

“That, my darling, is the Kama Sutra, the most complete guide to love making. An illustrated manual on how a man and a woman can please each other in their marital pursuits. It will be our textbook.” He was enjoying her reactions as she leafed through the book.

She looked at him with her mouth agape. “Where did you get this book?” she inquired as she turned some more pages.

“Richard, Colonel Fitzwilliam, brought it back to me from one of his trips to the continent. I must say that the illustrations provided much stimulation to my imagination.”

“Fitzwilliam, I do not think some of these positions are possible!” she announced at one particular page.

“Hmmm, let me see.” He pointed to the page that was open in front of her. “I am very much interested in trying this one.”

She looked at him as if she did not believe it was possible to even attempt such a position.

Soon he had shown her that not only was that position possible but highly satisfying. She would have never thought that joining with her husband could be accomplished in an upright and standing position.


Later as they were reviewing the book for something she might want to choose, Elizabeth decided she could go no longer without an explanation of something that had intrigued her since last night. “My dear, I know that I am not knowledgeable of London society or the ton. But I do know that they like to consider themselves fashionable, which implies wearing the latest styles. You have always appeared attired in the height of fashion, well, except for last night and again today. How is it that you embrace nudity so fervently?”

After a few moments of thoughtful reflection, he said, “It is my duty and responsibility to maintain a standing in society. I do so for my sister and will continue to do so for you and our children. Being in society makes me uncomfortable, I always feel that I am only valued for my wealth and connections, not for the man that I am. When I disrobe, I throw away all of the pretensions and actually become Fitzwilliam Darcy, a man of no special circumstances. Can you understand that?”

“Yes, I can. You have given me a chance to feel that same freedom. But you must know that once I came to know you for your real self, I only valued the wonderful person that you are,” she responded.

Elizabeth, you have never valued my wealth and social standing. In fact, for the first six months of our acquaintance, you did not even value me as a person!” he laughed. “But that was what attracted me to you.”

“Yes, but now that I have seen all of your worthy attributes, I am quite disheartened by the fool that I was then.” She looked at him with desire quite evident in her eyes as her hand moved to seize his most worthy attribute.

He pulled her into his embrace and said, “Lizzy, you were never a fool; perhaps misguided but never the fool. Now you have me as a guide, I will not lead you astray.”

Giving his erection a gentle squeeze, she asked, “Do you have a place to guide this?”

“Yes, Madam, I do. Let me prove to you what a superb guide I am.” He rolled on top of her and proceeded to enlighten her with the truth of his statement.


After demonstrating his navigation skills, Darcy pondered on how the disaster that was the start of his much anticipated wedding night had turned into this bliss he was now experiencing.

To be truthful, he had resigned himself never to have the freedom of nudity again but hoped that his wife’s wit and vivacity would offer him a different kind of escape. To have her embrace his philosophy was more than he could ever have hoped for. To have her savor it was heaven here on earth.

Entwining his fingers with hers, he brought her hand up to kiss it. “Elizabeth, what made you come to me early last night?”

She rose and sat facing him Indian style, resting one knee on his hip and explained, “I was nervous. I quickly prepared myself and dismissed my maid as I needed some solitary time to compose myself for what was to happen. Being anxious and somewhat fearful, I began walking about the room. As I neared the door,” she glanced at the connecting door between their chambers, “I heard you call my name. I opened the door and found you … well, I never expected to find you as you were.”

“I am so sorry that had to happen. I am surprised you did not run from this house screaming that you had married a madman.” He looked sincerely apologetic.

“Do not fret about it; I do not regret the way things turned out.  In fact, I am very glad as I do not believe we would be enjoying this day as we have been.  But I will admit to wanting to run out of this house when I first viewed you in your chambers. The fact that it was snowing outside brought me to my senses.”

He laughed, “Blessed be the snow. What made you stay?”

“Fear and shock and curiosity; I could not move and then a force went through my body with such a fierceness that I knew that I could not attempt to leave.”

He had truly frightened his new bride! “What kind of force?”

She smiled, “I have since come to know that force as combining desire, passion, my husband’s naked body, and the effect of his most imposing attribute.”

Sitting up, he leaned over to kiss her. “You flatter me in making me believe my naked body could make my maiden bride aroused without even touching her.”

She kissed him back and said, “You, Sir, are the most spectacular illustration of the male form.”

“Then why were you so fearful?” confused, he asked as he lay back against the pillows.

Leaning over to pat his partially erect manhood, she said, “When I saw this being brandished about, my mother’s words went running through my head.  What I had seen of naked male bodies in art had not prepared me for how large certain parts of it could be.  You were…well…you were…much more endowed than I had ever imaged.  And…it was…I did not think it would fit…it was so long and thick…and…I did not have your education in such matters – I am a gentleman’s daughter, not a gentleman’s son…”

Interrupting, he stated, “Yes and I thank heaven every moment for that fact.”

“No one had ever explained the mechanics to me. Oh, I had some vague notion of what was going to occur and where it was to occur. My exploration of my body was limited; when I saw the size of what you were planning on inserting into me and compared it to my finger,” holding up her forefinger, “I just knew it would not fit.”

Darcy smiled at her innocence but was very glad for its loss.

She went on, “Knowing how my mother tends to exaggeration and how my aunt always has provided me with sound advice, my desire won out. You were wielding yourself with such authority, I knew you to have the knowledge that I lacked. I put faith and trust in my love for you and your love for me to know that you would not let any harm come to me.”

“You are my brave soldier,” he said as he pulled her atop him. “I salute you.” He positioned her on his general that was now standing at stiff attention.

After he was fully within her, she raised her hand to her forehead, and replied, “Yes, sir!  What are my orders, sir?”

“We will get to those in a moment but first I must reward you for meritorious service to your husband.” He pulled her closer and began suckling her breast in such a way as to leave her with the Red Badge of the Nipple displayed on her body.


The Darcys sat at a small table partaking of their midday meal. The meal had cooled somewhat due to the fact that Lizzy had been obeying to her general’s orders when it arrived. But the soup was still warm and they were enjoying it.

“Oh, my goodness!” she exclaimed as she looked at her breast where some soup had escaped the spoon. “That might have been painful had we not been delayed in attending to our meal.”

Darcy watched her bring her napkin up to wipe off the spilt soup. He stayed her action, rose slightly from his seat, leaned over, and with his tongue removed the stain on his wife’s beautiful breast.

Stunned, she looked at him.

“The soup is delicious, I saw no need to waste any of it,” was his explanation.

She concluded that dining in the nude may have some drawbacks but it definitely had its advantages.

As a modest, country maid, she would never have thought she would ever be dining in the nude but as Mrs. Darcy, it seemed quite natural.  In fact, her new life, so far, has been very rewarding and surprisingly less complicated.    The removal of her clothing gave her such a feeling of freedom.  Her husband encouraged her to sate her curiousity and express her opinions.  He was honest and frank with her and opened himself up to her in a way that no one had ever done.  She reciprocated by telling him things about herself that she had never told her closest confidante, her sister, Jane.  In the short time that she had been naked, she had developed a bond with her husband and him with her that neither of them had ever experienced with any other person. 

As she considered all the benefits she had thus enjoyed with nudity, she began to be curious as to how he came to know about it. She glanced at her husband who was leering at her breasts. She smiled at the thought that he was probably hoping for another accident with her food.  While she was willing to oblige him, she, first, wanted an answer to a question. “Would you please enlighten me how you came to know about the joys of being without clothing?”

He startled at her voice as he had been attending to her luscious breasts, eager to repeat the service he had earlier provided. “Pardon me, I was not attending you?”

“Oh yes you were…nevermind.” She concluded that he had been attending her but for the reasons she had speculated on earlier. She repeated her question.

“I guess it began at the brothel.” Seeing a confused expression on his wife’s face, he continued, “a house of ill repute…,” still no comprehension, “the house in London where ladies service gentlemen.”

Ahhhh!” She finally understood his meaning.

“Yes, there I was a very shy seventeen-year-old boy, who had just performed my first intimate act with a woman, a stranger at that, being informed that I had not behaved in a gentlemanly fashion and, until I learned to do so, no consideration would be forthcoming.”

Astonished at what he just said, she remarked, “Those words sound familiar.”

“You are correct. I vividly remember you saying something similiar to me during my first proposal. I should have learnt my lesson the first time they were uttered to me.” He leaned over and kissed her.

“To continue on, the establishment, having experience educating boys of my age in the carnal acts, was to treat me as a boarder and not an overnight guest. I was installed on the top floor, where the other clientele were not allowed.  That floor contained several bed chambers in addition to some common rooms. There was a dining room, a sitting room, and a small library that the women of the house could utilize between their gentlemen callers. I was told that I would take my meals with the other women and was encouraged to avail myself of the other common rooms when I was between lessons. Lying on the bed naked with my clothes out in the hall, I was horrified that I was to be exposed in such a manner to the whole house and demanded that they summon my father immediately for I would not submit.

“Sally --her name was Sally-- gave me a dressing gown to wear when I was not partaking of my amatory lessons. She encouraged me, however, to stay in the nude while in the seclusion of the bedchamber, saying that I had nothing to be ashamed of in my natural state.  She went on to explain that while our society valued the material outward appearance to the substance underneath that display, there were other cultures and civilizations that valued the human body in its purity and celebrated it in art. There are cultures, even in this day and age, where the people wore little or no clothing at all in their daily lives.  Those cultures do not recognize rank and as clothing is a badge of rank, a man or a woman’s body was without need of such adornments.  Besides when a man is bared to the world, he is most true to himself because he has nothing to hide behind or disguised himself with. Then on a different tack to further her arguments: If the Supreme Being meant for us to be always clothed, why did he not put clothes on us before we were delivered into this world? She sensed my amazement at her very rational thoughts and continued to tell me that she was a gentleman’s daughter. A scandal ruined her family to the point that her current profession was her only way of survival, as it was for some of the girls there.”

Pensively she asked, “Is that why you did what you did for my sister, Lydia?”

“Yes, partly I was thinking of her situation, but mostly it was for you.” He clutched her hands.

“Thank you,” she said as she raised their hands, she bent to kiss the back of his, and continued, “Sally was a wise woman and made some excellent points.”

“Yes, Sally was wise for someone five and twenty. She took a boy and turned him into the man you see before you.  I found out later that her principal duties there were to educate young men, such as myself, in the sexual arts.  And I must say, she was an excellent teacher,” he replied.

“Did you ever return to her as an overnight guest?” Based on what he said last night, she did not think he had, but she wanted to know for sure.

“No, she said that as I had been such an excellent and engaging student that she would like to see me again but it would not be right. As I was eager to maintain my acquaintance with her and frequently at that, I asked her why. She said that my wife would find such conduct a dishonor to my marriage vows and that I would not honor myself with such activities. But I have since seen her about town. I even danced with her once.”

She definitely required further information from him! “When? Where?”

She had married a patron, a widowed Duke, and I would see her at the theatre or the opera. I wanted to acknowledge her but she was a Duchess now and it just was not the correct thing to do. Then one night at a ball, we were formally introduced. I took that opportunity to invite her to dance. I wanted to thank her for that part she had played in my life. She sensed my thoughts and said ‘Mr. Darcy, you are a fine and honorable gentleman. You do me credit and let us leave it at that.’ Later when I would see her around town, she would acknowledge me and that made me feel good.  Despite her previous circumstances, I had always acknowledged her as an equal in my mind.  She gave me a glimpse into a woman’s heart and a map to a woman’s body that I will be forever thankful for.”

She gave him a wicked grin and said, “And so will I.  So will you make me known to her acquaintance so that I might thank her properly?”

Elizabeth, it is just not done!” Darcy was flabbergasted that she would suggest such a thing.

“Do you not think she is as curious about me, the recipient of her efforts, as I am about her? Fitzwilliam, I would never reveal the intimate aspects of our life together nor would I wish to make her uneasy by letting it be known that I had knowledge of her previous life. I am just curious about her. That is all,” she argued her point.

“We will see,” was the only way he could extricate himself from this discussion.

Wanting to get back to the original subject, she asked, “How did you cope being naked for so much of the time?”

He looked sheepish, “Not very well at first. I was very shy and very embarrassed but she told me that in her profession she dealt with nude men all the time so I had no reason to be embarrassed because I had nothing that she had not seen before.   She approached our nudity very directly by having us sit in chairs as if we were having a polite conversation but we discussed the intricacies of the female and male bodies.  Her explainations were engaging and interesting.  Then I was made to stand in front of a full-length mirror as she instructed me on my body and how it responded to certain stimuli.  It was one thing to feel my body respond but quite another to actually view its responses. My body and her body were like textbooks to be studied and discussed, not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Soon I forgot about my nudity and was asking her questions and joining in discussions with her. There I was, enjoying talking to her on subjects that I would never think about even discussing with another gentleman. It was the first time in my life that I felt liberated. She treated me as an equal human being without any deference to my situation in life.  I bared my soul to this woman and it was an enlightening experience. When my father was called, I did not want to leave, not for the fact that I would be deprived of the carnal pleasures but because I had been treated as the man I thought myself to be and not as a seventeen year old boy.”

Elizabeth was eager for more, “So you went home and began your practice of nudity?”

“Not for very long. When we returned to Pemberley, it was summertime and a very warm summer at that. After being stifled all day within my clothes, after having been liberated from them while I was with her, I would retire early on the excuse that I needed to read to prepare myself for university. All I wanted to do was to remove my clothing and enjoy the refreshing night breezes. One particularly warm night with no breeze to be had, I stood at my window gazing down at the lake when I decided it would be refreshing to take a dip. Before I knew it I had donned my dressing gown, just in case the odd servant was about, slipped from the house and went to a secluded area of the lake. Removing my robe, I dove in. It was revitalizing and soon I found it to be also very simulating. Standing in chest deep water, I proceeded to avail myself of the privacy, several times. Climbing from the lake, I laid down on the grassy bank to allow myself to dry and ponder my time with Sally. The next thing I knew, I was waking to find myself lying on the ground with the sun beating down on me, highly aroused.”

She laughed as she pictured his predicament. “What did you do?”

Smiling, he continued, “I immediately reached for my dressing gown and covered myself. Though I am not sure what good it did as the sun had been up for awhile and there was no telling who among the grounds staff had witnessed me in such a manner. After I was able to plot a course to my rooms that would prevent anyone else from viewing my disgraceful state, I held my manhood close to my body – to prevent anything from escaping – and made a mad dash to the house. Relief washed over me as I reached my rooms without detection.

“After luncheon, my father called me to his study. When I saw the look on his face, I knew I had been found out and reluctantly went forward to bear his chastisement. He said I was never again to expose myself in such a disrespectful manner to the servants. I apologized so profusely that I would have made your cousin, Mr. Collins, proud. But the disappointment in his eyes made me feel all the more guilty and shameful of the disgrace I had brought upon myself. Then he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said that the next time I felt the need to exhibit myself in such a manner that I was to do so in a remote corner of the estate where nobody would be about.”

Amazed at his story, she asked, “And did you?”

“Not as much as you would think. My shame, and my father’s censure, had evidently dampened my ability to enjoy such activities. Then I was off to university where there was no privacy. People were constantly going in and out of my lodgings at all times. George Wickham shared my lodgings and I was not about to expose myself to him or his friends in such a way.  His licentious behavior during that time made me disgusted and therefore I was not about to do anything that would remotely have made me appear to condone his actions. When I returned from Cambridge, my father’s health was failing. There was no time for me as I took on many of his duties.”

“Then what made you resume your ritual?” curiously she inquired.

“After my father passed on, the weight of duty and responsibility that was thrust upon me was overwhelming. After a particularly tiring day, I went to my room and threw off all my clothes. I could feel the grief and frustration flow from my body. I was no longer the new Master of Pemberley but just Fitzwilliam Darcy, a simple and uncomplicated man. It has allowed me to retain a sense of the man I believe myself to be and not the man others think me to be.”

Getting up from her chair, she went to sit on his lap. Cradling his head against her breast as she ran her fingers through his hair, she said, “I have seen the man you truly are and I admire and love him more than I can say.  That was such an insightful story; thank you for sharing it with me.”

With his mouth so close to a nipple, he began to suckle it causing her to wiggle about in his lap. He shifted in his chair to take advantage of the situation.

Feeling his arousal had grown to prodigious proportions, she observed, “It seems that you have something else you wish to share with me.”

Taking hold of her waist to move her so she was facing away from him, he positioned her for a rear entry into the core of her being. “That I do, Madam, that I do,” he said as he slid her onto the part of him that he was always willing to share with her.

“You are the most generous husband,” she informed him as she closed her eyes to savour his most magnanimous gift.



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