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Part IV - The Honeymoon Continues

The evening of their first full day of marriage found the Darcy’s standing by the window, wrapped in each other’s arms. They were watching the snow fall as they cooled themselves after some intense lovemaking in front of a roaring fire.

“What a glorious day this has been. What entertainments you have provided me with.” Elizabeth peered into her husband’s eyes.

Darcy gave her a kiss. “Yes, it has been a most phenomenal day. You have quite entertained me as well.”

Hoping he was thinking what she was, she probed, “And what shall we do tomorrow?”

Elizabeth, can you not see how inclement it is? All this snow and frigid temperature, we should not be venturing outside the house for several days, a week perhaps. In fact, we probably should not even be wandering about in this drafty old house. No, I suggest we stay warm and snug here within our chambers and find our own diversions,” he stated with a firm conviction that that was exactly what they needed to do.

While knowing that any house of his would not be drafty, as least with clothing on, but sensing a benefit from the fact that they were of the same mind, she readily concurred with his assessment of the situation, “I heartily agree with you, Sir. Besides, we have only begun my studies and there are a few lessons that I feel the need to re-visit. What with the horrid weather, this would be perfect time to work on my education.”

They decided that for the next five days they would remain in the privacy of their chambers, free and uninhibited and in all their glory. During that time their lovemaking did not seem to wane; it only grew in intensity and, surprisingly, frequency. Elizabeth felt that her education would be incomplete unless the entire book was acted out to her satisfaction. Darcy found that he could not deny his wife her edification and produced additional literature on the subject that they were diligently studying.  It seems Mr. Darcy had quite a collection of erotic books on his top shelf.  With so much knowledge to soak up, he was happy to assist her in her studies while encouraging her to garner more knowledge.  It seemed Mrs. Darcy had a talent at improvisation and was able to find delightful variations on the positions they studied. She was a most adept pupil and he was a most satisfied teacher as well as an eager participant in her experimentations.  Mr. Darcy found that his wife had some things to teach him as well.


One afternoon as they sat reading in their favorite chairs by the fireplace, Elizabeth began worrying about their future. She knew that once they left their chambers and entered back into society, that this idyllic time would be at an end. Oh, she knew that their nights and mornings would be filled with their passionate undertakings but to be constantly in his presence with no restrictions or societal rules or clothing was addicting, not to mention arousing.   

Looking over at her husband, she wondered if he would continue to generate the same stirrings within her when he was fully clothed. Her sexual awakening had created a desire for her husband’s body that she just could not seem to quench and she did not believe clothing would relieve that longing but only frustrate her. Once the honeymoon was over, he would not always be so conveniently available to her whenever she craved him.

Elizabeth became engrossed in a chapter on self-gratification hoping that a solution to her problem could be found there. After a thorough examination of the chapter, she decided to put her study into practice while adding to it the knowledge she gained from her husband on how to manipulate her body.

She laid her book on the table and looked at her husband. He would be her muse. Looking at one of her breasts, she cupped it and started examining it. Her nipple was hard but she could not remember when it had not been hard once she stepped foot in this room. Maybe when she slept and did not have her husband’s constant stimuli.  Yes, stimuli!  Viewing his naked body was enough to arouse her but he seemed to always be touching her, and especially her bosom, even when they were not making love.  When they slept he had one hand on her beast and it was not unusual for her to wake up in the middle of the night to find him suckling her breast when he had gone too long without a conjugal encounter.  So maybe her nipples had been in a constant state of arousal since her wedding night!

Moving her fingers to her bud, she tried different methods to arouse it so that desire would flow to other areas of her body. Soon her body stiffened and soft moans were escaping her – yes, she had found what she was looking for.

Hearing Elizabeth moan, Darcy immediately looked up. Noticing that she was examining her nipple, “Elizabeth, what are you doing?”

“Is not it obvious that I am trying to arouse myself?” she replied, continuing to pull at her nipple.

“But that is my job,” he frowned.

“Not right now. Right now the lesson is self-gratification and that implies one’s self, not another participant.” She looked over at him. “However, if you would like to share in this lesson, I would enjoy revisiting our wedding night preamble. I was a little nervous that night, as well as naïve, and wasn’t able to fully appreciate watching the Master of Pleasure at work,” she grinned at him.

Feeling flattered by her appellation, he smiled back at her and slipped his hand down to fondle his growing penis.  Realizing what she was suggesting, he frowned and said, “Will you explain why you feel this is necessary?  With you at such an easy distance, I would rather have you touching me and me touching you.”

She smiled at him, “And miss a chance to see the Master at work. Never!”  Then growing serious, she added, “I would be more than happy to enlighten you, my husband: It occurs to me that, during the course of our marriage, there will be times of separation. You will be missed dreadfully and only thoughts of you will relieve the loneliness. Thoughts of these past few days will definitely be rampant in my mind especially as I lie in our bed. Therefore, I find that I will need a way to alleviate any suffering that might arise. You used masturbation to relieve your suffering before I became your wife.”

Darcy admitted that she had a point. “Yes, while I am loath to think of any separation from you, I fear my responsibilities will make them inevitable.” Watching her in this exercise would provide an excellent image to use when lessening any affliction that would arise for him during such separations.

As she watched him manipulate his manhood to an erect state, she said, “You are quite impressive in your very aroused state. And I am well aware of the effect I have on you now as well as before our marriage. So how is it that when we were courting, I never noticed it?”

Knowing he would not fair well in this discussion, he continued on, “You were a maiden then. You would not know to notice such things.”

“Mr. Darcy, I have seen you parade around these chambers with your arousal at full tilt. Why the tip of it gets there long before the rest of your body.” She spread her hands three feet apart in another exaggeration of his size. “You cannot tell me that when aroused it is not protruding through your breeches in an obvious way. Even with my maiden sensibilities, I would have noticed such a protrusion.”

He was always amazed at the workings of her mind but he had a nice erection to tend to in hopes of using it to change her mind about joining him and not leave him to his own devices.   Really, he did not see the need for masturbation when his lovely wife was about. In fact, when he wed, he had hoped he could forego that activity all together.  But he would play at whatever game she was at and replied, “Well, dark colored trousers seem to make it less noticeable, the fall front of my breeches gives me some leeway.  Besides my breeches would trap it close to my body and it would appear more as a bulge than a protrusion. At lastly, a gentleman has ways of controlling himself while in company.”

With skepticism in her eyes, she motioned for him to continue.

Knowing that she was not going to like what he was to say next, nevertheless, he continued, “When we were alone and my ardor got the best of me, I would imagine Miss Bingley discussing the delights of London society.”

She was livid! “You thought of Caroline Bingley when you were with me?”

“I had to protect your maiden innocence. Caroline Bingley can dampen anyone’s ardor.”

She laughed and quickly forgave him. Imaging his desperation to use Caroline in such a way!  She went on to ask, “So how did you cope on the days when we were confined to Longbourn? Oh, wait, I think I know your answer…my mother. Her conversation can be vexing at the best of times.”

He nodded. “And then there was my tried and true standby – go hide it by standing by a window and pray there was not a gardener or some other person outside to witness my state.”

Elizabeth was laughing so hard that tears were running down her cheeks. “Mr. Darcy, I must apologize to you as I believed that when you went to stand by a window that it was to show us how haughty you were and how below your company you thought we all were. You always had such a stern look on your face.”

He looked at her with disbelief that she would think that of him. “When I am forced to a window, I need much stronger images to compose myself.”

“And who or what might that be?” She was curious of what would cause him to have such a sour demeanor.

“My aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, lecturing me on my duties and responsibilities as a gentleman,” was his red-faced reply. “May we get back to our lesson?”

When her gales of laugher subsided, she replied. “Yes. Now where were we?”

“You were attending to your nipples and I had a nice erection but it seems that talk of Miss Bingley, your mother, and Lady Catherine have made it flag a bit.” He rose from his chair stroking himself, trying to return it to its former erect state as he headed to his bureau.

“Where are you going? I thought we have an exercise to perform.” She needed him for her inspiration.

“I want to see how soon my fully aroused appendage reaches a destination before the rest of my body.” He turned so she could fully inspect him.

Chuckling, she raised an eyebrow.

“To get a handkerchief,” he said as he turned and opened a drawer.

“Stop!” she cried.

He turned back to her, “What is wrong? This is a self satisfaction exercise, is it not?”

“I want to perform that particular task.” She rose to lead him back.

“Does that not defeat the purpose of the exercise?” he queried.  He felt quite pleased with himself that he was able to change her mind to a more satisfying conclusion, for him, of this silly exercise but he was not going to let her get by so easily for starting such a ridiculous activity.

“Well, yes it does, for you. But you told me that you have had a lot of practice and besides your seed goes nowhere but within me from now on, is that understood?”

He smiled showing his teeth and dimples, her thinking now conincided with his. “Yes, Madam, I am always willing to comply with your wishes but what am I to do when we are separated?”

She thought for a moment, “I will ensure that extra handkerchiefs are packed for your use.”

They both walked back to their seats.  He sat in his chair as she stood by waiting for an invitation to join him and eyeing his erection with a distinctly hungry look.

“Lizzy, you had best go sit down, if you want to conclude this exercise before tea time,” he stated, knowing that was not what she wanted to do.

Moving his bottom forward in the chair, he leaned back so that he was fully on display to her.  Then resting his left ankle on his right knee, he began to serious concentrate on manipulating his very aroused manhood.

Seeing that he was not going to invite her to join him, she pouted all the way to the other chair and plopped down releasing a disgusted sigh.

Only half-heartedly attending to herself, Elizabeth found watching him pleasure himself much more interesting. She was beginning to regret insisting on this exercise as she definitely wanted to be doing what his hand was. “Whenever you are ready, let me know.”

Looking up from his task, he observed, “You do not seem to be attending to yourself.”

“I do not want to be in the throes of passion when you require me. Besides, when I awaken before you in the mornings, I can practice then instead of disturbing your sleep. You have been looking a little tired lately.”

He inwardly smiled at her tactics but had to admit that sometimes he was tired. Keeping up with her was demanding, though enjoyable, and he was glad that his Fitzwilliam genes had not deserted him.  However, he did not begrudge his bride his loss of sleep. “But I love waking up and seeing your smiling face above me,” he grinned.

“I would never let you forego that pleasure. But until you do not look so tired, I will practice pleasuring myself in the meantime. Are you ready for me?” she asked, looking at him with pleading eyes.

He chuckled to himself knowing that she could not stand this, that she wanted the satisfaction that only he could supply. “I may be awhile yet. Go ahead and attend to yourself. If I find myself ready before you are through, I will think of Miss Bingley.”

She glared at him until she realized he was teasing her.  Leaping the distance over to him, she settled herself astride him and sunk down on him until he was fully buried within her. Kissing him, she then asked, “This is much better exercise, is it not?”

He nodded and kissed her back. Contemplating on how truly amazing she is, he started demonstrating how their current exercise was much more desirable than self-gratification.



Very early one morning, Darcy was returning to bed after a visit to the water closet and stoking the fire to take the chill from the air.  Elizabeth had proven to be a very warm-blooded young lady.  Her liberation from clothing included bed clothing and once she crawled into bed all covers were pushed to the foot of the bed.  As he was also warm-blooded, that suited him just fine.  He always slept with just a thin sheet covering him and that was for modesty purposes as he did not want Abernathy or another servant viewing his naked body as he slept when they would come in during the night to keep the fires going.  But now things had changed and he had left strict instructions that no one was to enter his or his wife’s bed chamber when they were within.  So now he had to take on the task of keeping a fire warming their room.  He also left instructions that Elizabeth’s chamber and their two dressing rooms were to be kept warm at all times.  It was the dead of winter and a very cold winter at that.  They were prone to working up a sweat quite often and it would not do for one or both of them to catch a chill.

Looking over at his wife spawled on the bed, Darcy was anticipating waking his wife.  It seemed that with all the additional exercise he had been taking of late that he seemed to require more sleep and Elizabeth would invariably be awake before him.  Of course, her immediate goal on waking was to awaken his manhood first which would lead to him becoming conscious of the the day.  Therefore, it was not often that he had the privilege of being able to awaken her in a similar fashion.

Climbing back into bed, he realized that she was not asleep. “Elizabeth, I am sorry I was not here to awaken you properly. When did you wake?”

“Since before you left our bed,” was her reply.

He sensed some distress in her tone and went to gather her within his embrace and asked, “Then why did you not wake me?”

“Because I… I do not know…Fitzwilliam tomorrow is our last day in this wonderful setting you have created for us,” she finally stated. “I am truly not looking forward to emerging from it.”

“What do you propose we do about it?” he looked at her with some concern. “I am loath to leave it as well but we do have obligations outside of this little world of ours – your family, my sister and my family.  We have the rest of our lives to live.  As much as I would like to spend the rest of my life in this bed with you, I am afraid that is it not possible.”

“Yes, I realize that. And we certainly cannot face our family as we are now. My mother would have an apoplexy if she were to view what you used to deflower her maiden daughter.  I shudder to think what would happen to my father at such a viewing. Then there is the fact that you make me go around naked, she would be all a flutter to find a place to put a bit of lace.”

Laughing at the image of Mrs. Bennet trying to attach lace to her daughter’s naked body, he said “I am sure her nerves would not be able to handle it.  Besides I do not make you go around naked, I doubt I could even get you to put on a dressing gown. You had much rather go hide than put on clothes to deal with your maid or another servant.  Why none of our servants have seen you since you stepped foot in this house.”

“Yes, well, I blame that on you,” she countered.

“Me?” he exclaimed.

“Yes, had you not enlightened me to the beauty of the human body, especially the male body in its natural state, then I would not be so adamant about not wearing clothes,” she smirked.

He rejoined, “Yes, but I am very pleased that you have adopted that philosophy as you cannot realize the pleasure it gives me to see you as G_d intended you to be.  How do you purpose we proceed?  Should I order all the servants to become naked, as well, to appease your need to be nude all the time?”

Laughing she replied, “No, I do not believe that will be necessary.  Besides, I do not think your servants will approve of such a scheme and it might be difficult to find help who would.” Growing serious, Elizabeth asked, “How are we to keep our secret from your sister?”

“Once you enter your chambers, the first thing you are to do is bolt any door that leads to the outside. That should prevent anyone from walking in on us unannounced. I do not want to offend my sister’s maiden sensibilities by having her view her brother or her new sister in their all together and especially when we are engaged in a private moment.  Also I will have our footmen instructed to not allow anyone within our chambers, even family, without our knowledge and consent.  Our personal servants will be instructed to carefully guard our privacy – they will understand the need for that privacy as they will be aware of our habits.”

He went on to state, “With you added to our family circle, it will become very difficult just hiding the evidence of my love for you. After tasting the fruits of your love, my control will be severely tested to erase my frequent memories of you in these chambers. Just being in your presence will be difficult to restain my reactions to you.”

She laughed as she went to fondled that which his clothing would not disguise. “I guess you will be standing at a window thinking of your aunt quite frequently.”

“With you in the room, I am not sure even that will be effective.  With my intimate knowledge of your body, even clothing will not cover what I see when I look at you.  But…I could always hide behind you. That would give me the opportunity of availing myself of your very luscious behind.” He lightly slapped said behind.

“That, Sir, would defeat the purpose of hiding to gain composure,” she quipped.

“But an excellent excuse for retiring to my study on urgent business -- what can be more urgent than this?” He placed her hand on his urgent business.

“That takes care of how you would relieve yourself. But you will have left me in company and most desirous of what you are trying to hide, especially after you teased my behind with it.  Remember I also have an intimate knowledge of your body that clothing will not disguise.”

“Ummm, that would leave you in quite a predicament,” he reached over and began an examination of her nipples. “You could always retire to your chambers, pleading a headache, and practice your self-gratification exercises.”

Moaning as he was beginning to arouse her, “I would rather practice other exercises on you. Besides you said you would only seek your satisfaction within me.”

“That I did, my very aroused wife. As it seems to be still snowing, I guess we will have to extend our honeymoon several more days.  Do you think five more days will be sufficient time to think of an excuse for both of us to remove ourselves to the same secluded place?”

She pouted as she would like more time but she knew that they needed to get back to a more normal routine.  She was begining to feel guilty that she had not set foot out of their chambers, much less to begin assuming her new responsibilites.  Looking in his eyes, she gave a slight nod and said, “I guess at some point in time, we will need to resume a more normal existence.  But I would like to thank you for all you have given me in these past few days.  I have never experienced such love or such freedom or such intimacy with another person, not even my sister, Jane. I abhor the thought of giving it up.”

 “I will notify Abernathy later about our decision.” Leaning in to kiss her, he said, “I love you, Mrs. Darcy.  I want to thank you for being more of a wife than I ever had hoped to have.  You are more than my wife, you are my partner; you are the other half of me that I have been searching for my entire life.”

Reaching her arms around this neck, she rolled him on his back and went to sit astride him. “As I love you, Mr. Darcy. And I thank you for giving me more time to enjoy you.” Then she went about expressing her appreciation in a way she knew her husband would be gratified, forgetting any guilt she might have had about not taking on the duties as mistress of the house.



Most people will attest to the fact that long periods of cold, dreary and wet weather leads a person to depression; though the opposite was true of the Darcys.  Every morning that dawned grey and snowy made them extremely happy as they knew that they had one more day of erotic and sensual bliss. 


However, on the fourth day of their extended honeymoon, the day dawned bright and sunny.  This caused the couple to be quite depressed as they knew their time together in the heaven they had created would soon he over.  To fight this depression, they attacked their daily activities with a fervor and frequency that had not been present before; they wanted, no, needed, to make the most of what time they had left.


Later that morning, sitting astride her husband, Elizabeth had achieved a rhythm that was providing enjoyment for them both. Suddenly there was a knock on the dressing room door announcing that luncheon had been delivered. Her stomach growled and she looked at the door.

When Darcy heard the growl, he knew what was going on in her mind. “Elizabeth, you cannot stop now we are almost through!” He reached to her sex to try to divert her from the interruption he knew her to be contemplating.

Sensing that he was about to distract her, she grabbed his hand, and said, “But I am famished, I might not have the strength to complete this without sustenance.”

ELIZABETH!” he shouted. He could not believe she would not want to finish satiating her carnal hunger, not to mention his, before satisfying herself with food!

“Fitzwilliam,” she tried to assuage him, “it will only take a moment to retrieve the tray. I will bring it to the bed so that I can relieve this gnawing in my stomach while I finish our current endeavor.”

While he loved her creative and imaginative insights into love making, this went beyond the pale. “Elizabeth, you cannot be serious.”

“I am, most assuredly.” She lifted herself from him and proceeded to the dressing room door. She leaned her ear to the door, listening for any activity. Bending over to look through the keyhole, she wagged her buttocks at him. Then she turned and grinned at him as she opened the door. Looking to make sure no one was in the dressing room, she dashed into the room to retrieve the tray.

Darcy propped himself on his elbows and gazed at his erection that was throbbing for the attention it was being denied. “I cannot believe she has left me in this condition.  I have just provided her with two orgasms; the least she could do was to give me another minute or two to find my climax.”

Soon she was coming through the door with a tray laden with their lunchtime repast. After closing the door with her foot, she went to the bed.  Leaning over her husband while she rubbed her bosom over his straining manhood, she deposited the tray on the opposite side of the bed so as not to interfere when they resumed their previous actions. Almost immediately she was astride him, sinking herself onto him ready to recommence what she had interupted. She reached over and grabbed a piece of apple from the tray and took a bite from it, soon she found a rhythm that would please her husband; after all, she knew him to be near his release when she left him and she planned to make it up to him.

Darcy was looking at her in shock that she would attempt to satisfy both her appetites at the same time.

Misreading his look, “Oh, were you hungry, also?” She picked a pastry from the tray and handed it to him all the while hardly missing a stride.


Darcy was not hungry for food.  He put the pastry back on the tray and grabbed her breasts and began suckling them.  Releasing one before attending to the other, he said, “This is the only thing that I am hungry for right now.”  Moving his mouth to her other breast, he latched onto to her nipple and sucked it quite aggresively until she dropped the apple on the bed.

Having gained his wife’s attention and cooperation, Darcy was soon able to achieve his much needed but delayed climax.  Gaining his senses, he took hold of her hips and moved to sit in a more upright position without leaving the warm cacoon that his wife had denied his prodigious appendage when she made her dash to retrieve their lunch.  Reaching over, he pulled the food tray closer to them and retrieved the pastry that she had offered him earlier.


Munching on the pastry, he looked at his wife to see her staring at him with a disgusted look on her face.  Reaching to get the apple she had dropped, he offered it to her.  Seeing her continuing to glare at him, he stated, “I thought you were hungry?”


“But what about finishing what we were just doing before embarking on lunch?” she queried as she began wiggling and squirming where they were joined, hoping to find the same satisfaction that he had just enjoyed.


“Lizzy, you should have thought of that before you left me at such an inopportune moment to retrieve our lunch.  I was sure you were satisfied when you left and that you only came back to gratify me.”


Realizing that she had been somewhat selfish in denying him his release but she had been extremely hungry from all the exercise that they had engaged in since breakfast.  Looking a little hurt, she asked, “Should I remove myself from you?”

“Good heavens, no!” he exclaimed. “Just sit still and take pleasure in the sensation of being joined together as we enjoy our lunch.  Besides the proximity to your bosom will be helpful in case you should spill any of your lunch there.  I will be glad to oblige you on your other need after we have eaten.”  He gave her a wicked grin.

Settling herself around his length and giving him a little squeeze, she could feel him growing within her. Smiling at her husband’s abilities to arouse himself with such a slight provocation, she retrieved a piece a cheese. “Hmmm, this is delicious.”

“What is delicious, me or the cheese?” he gave her a cocky grin.

“Both!” she smiled. Breaking off a piece, she put it in his mouth.

Soon having had his fill of food, Darcy pushed the tray away and placed his hands on his wife’s hips as he thrust upwards to let her know that he was ready to return to a more congenial activity than eating their lunch.  Their honeymoon period was almost over and he was determined to make the most of time they had left before they had to face the world outside their chambers clothed.

As he reached down to stimulate her, she took the last bite of an orange slice. There was such a look of ecstasy that exploded upon her face that made him wonder if it was him or the food.  As he savored one of her breasts in his mouth, he realized that it really did not matter as long as his wife could receive pleasure from any venture that they performed together in all their glory.


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