Chapter 4



Darcy's London Townhouse – the wedding night

Since Lizzy could not sleep anymore, she sat contemplating what else to include in her letter to Jane. She thought back to all that had transpired since she had come to London as Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy and all the wondrous whirlwind events that had taken place. She found it hard to believe that so little time had passed, over a month. Yet her entire life was totally changed along with her feelings toward the gentleman who was still quite fast asleep in the middle of the huge bed she had just vacated moments ago.

She could feel the heat on her face and turned to look at her flushed complexion in the mirror thinking of what had occurred only hours previously. Their first night's intimacies that had taken place with her William, as she had endearingly been calling him – now her very dear husband and lover.

As much as Lizzy had always hoped that one day she would meet a man and marry for love, she had no idea how exquisite the divine bliss of love she was to feel in the arms of Fitzwilliam George Darcy. In her estimation he truly was the best of men – and although she knew he was not perfect, she had come to admire and respect him… love him wholeheartedly.

She had abandoned her letter and sat there dreamily staring at the fireplace flames. William kept telling her that all he wanted to do was give her pleasure and make her happy. Briefly thinking back to the very moment that morning back at Longbourn, when she surprisingly answered him with an anxious "yes" to his marriage proposal -- he had begun -- what he called courting her!

It had to have been his kisses that changed her mind… whatever presence of mind she had left back then… for all was forgot when she gave in to her feelings that had been so astonishingly ignited with such burning passion. How very wanton she had felt ever since. Even now she blushed with shame, remembering her teasing moments stolen these past few weeks with William, whenever it was possible for them to escape the stifling confines of her family at Longbourn. William wanted her… loved her most ardently… this time she knew it – with everything in her whole being – though she didn't quite understand it… every feeling… every fiber of her body was screaming for MORE of his touch… she had realized she enjoyed these passionate sensations running throughout her body. She liked how he made her feel… and had given up trying to rationalize why, for somehow he had made her to fall in love with him!

Indeed, the compromise was complete!


So far this wedding night had been heavenly… he had promised her it would be, that there was absolutely nothing to fear but every pleasure to look forward to experiencing. He had been so considerate, tender and gentle; assuring her there would be no need to hurry for they had all the rest of their lives together to learn to love each other. He was not going to force himself on her just to consummate their union. Instead he insisted that her pleasure was more important to him – he wanted her to trust him and feel comfortable together as she became more accustom to their intimacy with each other.

She indeed felt very wanton, not at all fearful. Armed with the forthright and honest information about the wedding night duties from her mother was not what had brought her comfort. Instead, it was her aunt Mrs. Gardiner who had graciously and with much tact and understanding from her own experience of a very loving relationship with her husband, provided and reassured Lizzy that all would be well. After talking to her aunt, Lizzy become more and more certain of what Darcy intimated: that the marriage bed was not just a marital duty, but there was so much gratification to be had for both husband and wife.

During the past few weeks, they had taken every opportunity to talk and listen to each other. He wanted her to know everything about himself, he wanted no secrets between them, and honestly neither did she. He answered her every question. She replied in detail to him -- the misunderstandings had been brought out in the open and dispelled. Even though Darcy was a very private and reserved man, he came to realize after that disastrous scandalous event that took place between he and Elizabeth at the Netherfield ball, he needed to change his behaviour toward her – if she ever was to embrace him with any kind of affections as his future bride.

Foremost of their misunderstandings he began with confronting Wickham's deceptions…

Once she had agreed to marry him, and Darcy had regained his composure; also struggling to gain control of his ardent passion for her -- he circumspectly began to convince her to agree to the plans he was determined to execute for their future together.

Darcy would make swift arrangements for their wedding to take place as soon as possible. He was mindful to ask her if there was anything in particular she preferred to have done or to change in these plans? But she was still in a daze, and simply decided to acquiesce to his prodigious plans. Lizzy's mind was racing in many directions and her feelings for this gentleman sitting so close to her were at war within her. He was gently holding her hand, caressing it with his thumb while gazing into her eyes, waiting patiently for her to respond.


"Dearest Elizabeth, I know you may be feeling quite besieged, but I assure you, it is to your benefit as well as your whole family that we make haste with our marriage arrangements."

"Indeed, Mr. Darcy, I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed, but I do understand all that you have stated to be necessary."

"Elizabeth, please call me, Fitzwilliam."

"Oh, sir… I thank you… I… I did not know your full name."

"Yes, well… I was named after both my parents' families. My mother, Lady Anne was a Fitzwilliam. If you are interested I will tell you more about my family and relations another time. My full name is actually Fitzwilliam George Darcy -- my father's name was George Richard Darcy."

"How interesting… Mr. Dar… excuse me… Fitzwilliam, so then it appears that your sister Georgianna was also named after your father and your mother?

"Yes, in fact, you will soon become acquainted with her. My cousin, who is really like an older brother to me, my father was his godfather -- Colonel Richard Edward Fitzwilliam -- will most likely escort my younger sister Georgianna to come stay with me at Netherfield until our wedding. I hope you will become a good friend to her? Like me she is rather shy with strangers."

"Oh, well… yes, Mr. Dar… I mean… Fitzwilliam, I will be honored to meet your sister and cousin. Will they be the only members of your family I will meet?"

"I plan to invite my uncle and aunt, Richard's parents: the Earl of Matlock, Lord Edward and Lady Sophia. But with such short notice I do not yet know if their schedule will allow them to attend? I will also include Richard's older brother the Viscount__ and his wife, Lady__ in my invitation."

Lizzy seemed flushed when he stated this, "Oh my, who would have imagined I am soon to align myself in marriage to such illustrious personage…?"

Darcy noticed her countenance change when given this new information about his family. There was much more to convey to her yet little time, especially of his dear sister. He asked if she was well enough to continue to hear more, she simply nodded in agreement.

He then cautiously proceeded to deal with the topic of Wickham…


Lizzy was so very mortified and ashamed when he revealed the whole side of his story about Wickham and the despicable advances toward Georgianna. He told her about his shared guardianship of his sister with his cousin, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, referring to him for adequate confirmation of the truth. Darcy was so kind and understanding of her being fooled by Wickham, explaining that the rascal had always been able to play the part so well that even his father had been deceived by Wickham.

He showered her with such tenderness, holding her and comforting her as she cried in his arms, too much overcome with guilt and shame. She felt unworthy of his complete forgiveness, realizing she never knew herself before to be so foolish and prejudiced. Much was revealed to her that morning back at Longbourn. She was now so very grateful that her father had insisted she listen to Darcy.

Since that momentous time in her father's library, they continued to spend time together, getting to know each other better. He told her more about the history of his family. He briefly told her about his cousin, Anne. How his other aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh would most likely be quite disappointed upon hearing of his coming marriage. Further explaining his aunt's wishes, which were never his, to marry his cousin, Anne. Lady Catherine wanted Rosings and Pemberley's grand estates to be joined, rather than any concern for the feelings or desires of either her daughter or himself.


Many a day they walked around the country side. Their favorite place was at the top of Oakham Mount where they talked, cuddled, and kissed each other in privacy. He remained ever the gentleman, never demanding, never forcing liberties in which she was uncomfortable. These times together though brief gave them much opportunity to know each other better and their affections for each other grew.

Lizzy recalled it was her own forward behavior that shamed her as she longed for more from him but did not know exactly what this yearning was all about. Her thoughts whenever she was with Darcy were almost always wanton.

I am very much looking forward to experiencing our wedding night, especially after secretly reading that forbidden book Papa had hidden in his library!

During one discussion Darcy admitted he had been angry with her for falsely accusing him so horribly, but he also claimed to love her even more for her courage and strength to passionately stand against him so fearlessly. He admired her sense of loyalty, as much as her wit and the clever turn of her mind. He told her often that he ardently loved her and was determined to change those weaknesses in his character that she had so vehemently pointed out to him – his arrogance, his conceit, and the insensitivity to the feeling of others that he had previously felt were so beneath him.

He even went so far as to vow he would make all things right in regard to her compromised reputation. All of Hertfordshire would come to respect once more the name of Bennet and to understand the consequences of being so favorably connected to the esteemed family of the Darcys of Derbyshire and the Fitzwilliams of ____shire, his uncle, the Earl of Mattock.

Indeed, he had accomplished it all just as he had promised.


When the grand event of their engagement ball was over, Darcy had succeeded in completely changing the country shires’ opinions -- it had spread throughout to every notable personage in Meryton and the surrounding areas. All were totally impressed and struck with awe by the magnificent splendor -- that a local country lass – Miss Elizabeth Bennet – was fortunate enough to have formed such a prestigious attachment – indeed, it had been the talk of the whole of Hertfordshire.

The old gossip of the scandal at the Netherfield ball was never mentioned again.

Darcy rented out the Meryton Assembly Hall and had given "carte blanche" to Mrs. Bennet and her small staff with details on how to prepare for this extravagant ball. He had sent word by express to London and Pemberley for additional staff to help with all the preparations. Darcy further made a big to-do in personally visiting several prominent families of the neighborhood to invite them all to his and Elizabeth’s engagement ball celebration.

Fortunately, by divine providence, the militia had decamped away from Meryton to Brighton, thus solving any untoward or embarrassing circumstance involving anyone in the militia that had to do with Wickham.

Hence, Darcy was relieved when Georgianna along with Colonel Richard arrived at Netherfield to support Darcy during this courtship period. They both had been utterly charmed upon meeting Elizabeth. Georgianna was especially delighted to know she would soon have a sister, actually more than one sister. She became fast friends immediately with Mary and Kitty for different reasons.

However, Lydia was in awe of Georgianna and a little envious of her, but learned much by observation of how a young lady of genteel breeding behaved. Both Elizabeth and Jane were very thankful to Georgianna for her discreet influence to bring such a change to Lydia's silliness. Even Mrs. Bennet realized the benefit of her daughters paying close attention to Georgianna's ladylike behavior, knowing in the future she could introduce them to other man of consequence as prospective husbands.


Bingley was beside himself with joy, happy in his own right. With Darcy's strong influence and especially having to chaperone the newly engaged couple, Bingley and Jane were pleasantly forced in each other's company almost as often as Lizzy and Darcy were together. The sisters had very little time alone with each other to share their new experiences. Instead they discovered that each was spending more time getting to know their fiancés.

Naturally, both couples attachment also grew more intimate. Bingley and Jane let their engagement be known only to three people. They had chosen to tell Mr. Bennet to gain his consent and blessings, but other than Elizabeth and Darcy, no one else was to know until after their wedding so as not to be a distraction. Although it was quite obvious to everyone that Jane and Bingley had some kind of understanding.

Indeed, it was fortunate that Mrs. Bennet was much too preoccupied with the preparations involving the wedding of her other daughter, Elizabeth. Mrs. Bennet's vanity was too caught up having been charmed herself by such a prominent and esteemed gentleman as Mr. Darcy, knowing his value of more than ten thousand a year. She hardly paid much attention to the fact that Jane and Bingley were as much a couple as Lizzy and Darcy. Mrs. Bennet's self-importance had been boosted from the attentions of Mr. Darcy who paid her every respect due her as his future mother in law. Especially since he had personally put her in charge of not only the grand engagement ball festivities, but she was also responsible for carrying out the wedding festivity plans.

Thus, it was that Jane and Bingley's secret was safe until, the wedding breakfast when Bingley gave a toast to the newly weds, he then announced his own engagement to Miss Jane Bennet to the joy of all in attendance. Mrs. Bennet was surprised but managed to keep her nerves calm when Mr. Bennet embraced her with an affectionate hug – knowing precisely what Bingley was about to announce. It was indeed a very happy occasion for the whole Bennet family, thus completely restoring their status amongst the local society of Meryton.


Netherfield Park was full at last with almost all of Darcy's closest relatives staying there for the wedding, as well as accommodating the extra servants from London and Pemberley who had stayed on after the engagement ball to help and attend the wedding festivities of their master and his fiancée. Georgianna and Colonel Fitzwilliam had been there the longest; Darcy's aunt and uncle the Lord and Lady Matlock along with their eldest son who is Richard's older brother, Viscount__ and his wife, Lady__ had arrived a week prior to the wedding.

The Colonel was able to smooth out the disagreements of his parents and brother against Darcy's announcement to them of his engagement to a simply country lass. When once they were all introduced and spent some time in company with Darcy and Elizabeth, they were able to see first hand how very happy their nephew was with Elizabeth as his fiancée. Indeed, Elizabeth was able to win their affections and respect with her clever wit and charm.

Lady Matlock especially sensed a kindred spirit with Elizabeth and took a liking to her immediately. She reminded her husband the Earl of her own family background and connections that had not been at first favorable long ago to his parents in the beginning of their own courting days.

The Earl found the company of Mr. Bennet most entertaining and was surprised to discover that Elizabeth's father did not at first accept Darcy's suit, for he was not impressed by his wealth or status in society. No, Mr. Bennet wanted Darcy to first assure him of his affections toward his beloved favorite daughter. Could he love, honor and above all else respect her as his wife? The fact that Mr. Bennet did not immediately give his blessing or consent impressed the Earl. He realized Mr. Bennet and even Elizabeth were not mercenary, since they were reluctant for her to marry Darcy as the only solution to having been compromised. In spite of the fact that Darcy, who was known by the ton as one of the most eligible bachelor's in London's society, was also known to avoid those matchmaking high society mothers and their insipid daughters. Both the Earl and Lady Matlock concluded this was indeed a "love match".

Of course Darcy's aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, was sorely vexed when this news reached her through Mr. Collins. But Charlotte was very pleased to know that her dear friend, Elizabeth, would be advantageously settled and happily married. With her father's help, Sir William Lucas was able to send a carriage to Hunsford for Charlotte to come for an extended visit with her family in Meryton and thus have the opportunity to be present for all the wedding affairs. Mr. Collins remained at home for fear of further offending his ladyship.

Elizabeth knew that Lady Catharine would not attend their wedding, since her hopes for her daughter, Anne, were ruined. Someday, I will try to persuade William to reconcile with his aunt.

As for the Hursts, they had returned from London dragging Caroline with them. Mr. Hurst’s business matters had kept them in London longer than had previously been planned. Fortunately, the three had not even been aware of Darcy's proposal nor been able to attend the "engagement ball". But, they had all descended upon Netherfield Park just days before the wedding ceremony.

At first Caroline had been very angry, disappointed and vexed to learn that Darcy had given in and had been forced into a marriage with that chit Eliza Bennet after such a compromising scandal. But Darcy himself informed her later, when he admitted to Caroline that she had been correct after all – referring back to that day at Lucas Lodge when she teasingly congratulated him on his choice of a wife.

It stunned her sensibilities.

Indeed, the whole Bennet family would now become his beloved family. He especially emphasized to Caroline that he was indeed proud of his future mother in law, Mrs. Bennet. He then proceeded to tell her of the successful engagement ball that all of Meryton and most of the landed gentry of Hertfordshire had attended. They were impressed by the expertise show and splendor of such pomp all done under the orders of none other than Mrs. Fanny Bennet. He further went on to declare his ardent love for the most handsome woman of his acquaintance – his dearest loveliest bride to be – Miss Elizabeth Rose Bennet.

Thus, both Bingley and Mrs. Hurst strongly recommended Caroline attend the wedding so as not to offend Mr. Darcy which would thereby prevent her being banned from receiving another invitation to Pemberley.

Lizzy couldn't help but laugh out loud again, I can recalling the sober looks and fake civility upon Caroline's face as she greeted me with her insincerities at the wedding reception. I can only pity the woman, but must be civil to Miss Bingley for my dear Jane's sake.


As the morning sun began to peek through the draperies, Darcy awoke hearing his wife's giggles, realizing that she was no longer next to him in bed. When he looked around the room he noticed her curled up in one of the wing chairs with her knees drawn up to her chin, staring at the flames. Her beautiful chocolate brown curls flowing down her back made him groan so loud with such admiration and desire that it startled Lizzy. She turned to him giving him a most brilliant smile in return.

"Come back to bed with me, dear wife. Are you unwell?"

"No, my love, I am very well. I was just woolgathering, thinking back to all that has happened --- I am so astonished that little over a month has passed."

"Yes, it has been quite overwhelming, so do come back next to me, Lizzy, for I am in need of some comforting!"

"Silly man, you are quite incorrigible!" She slipped back underneath the covers, when Darcy huskily murmured…

"I want our skin to touch, my love..."

As she complied he gently took her in his arms and started kissing every spot of her soft skin, slowly removing the rest of her clothing.

Lizzy was wiggling and squirming beneath him – giggling in delight as he pleasured her with his greedy warm mouth. Gently at first but then with more vigor he began to circle one breast with his tongue laving over her nipple and sucking as if trying to feed his hunger for her at her luscious breasts. She felt like swooning from the satisfying sensations as his fingers kneaded her other nipple. Her moaning was driving him further on… his hands caressing every other part of her exposed body. She was almost delirious while murmuring and whimpering, "William, do not stop… more please…"

All the while Lizzy was secretly hoping and desiring that his hand would pleasure her private area as he had done previously during their first intimate time together earlier in their wedding night. How startled she had been at first and then embarrassed when he had gently spread her legs. She tried to prevent it, but with the fingers of his hand he began to gently touch and tease that private part of her body. With his mouth he continued to nip and peck, suckling her breast and alternately kissing her. Lizzy had surprisingly experienced such wondrous feelings she had never had before as he probed her with his fingers simultaneously using his thumb to further stimulate her.


William being always sensitive to her subtle needs was more than happy to oblige continuing his caresses, all the while struggling to control his own growing desires for her -- whispering to her how much he wanted her, how beautiful and attractive she was, how sweet and delicious she tasted to him.

He changed positions, dropping further down her body, throwing all the bed covers to the floor in the process as he gently held her legs, spreading them apart. Apologizing to her for such abruptness he tried to reassure her that he wanted to please her more by having her experience even greater sensations.

Lizzy herself was becoming desirous of something more…

"William, my love, my very dear husband, make me truly your wife for I am not afraid of you."

"Are you sure, darling, I do not want to force you…"

"William, please, I very much want to join with you…"

"How I adore you, my love…"

"I know you told me that we did not have to rush… but William, I desire more…"

Then he teasingly stated that he knew eventually she would come to beg and even cry out to him for more, but had not expected this to happen so soon! With her complying nod, he began to gently caress and knead her flesh, easily beginning to nibble and peck the tenderness of her inner thighs, his hands and mouth daringly exploring all over her lower body.

Lizzy was momentarily in a daze, still recovering from the effects of his previous attentions. It almost took her breath away when she felt his tongue and mouth upon the most central private part of her body.

At first, she had let out an embarrassed whimper trying to close her legs together which soon brought him back up to hover over her. Her protests were immediately muffled with a very wet kiss that almost smothered her. She curiously smelled and tasted her own scent upon his mouth…

"My love… my wife… my dearest loveliest Elizabeth, just relax and enjoy this… I want you to experience more pleasure… before I must cause you some pain… close your eyes and give in to all the sensations… do you trust me?"

"Yes, William… but… I… I am so embarrassed by this…"

"Darling, there is no need to be… I love you. I want to worship your whole body… I want to know you… all of you and I want you to know me… all of me… every part of you is so beautiful in my sight… and I desire to feast upon every inch of you… please let me love you, Lizzy. I promise you will enjoy this."

As Lizzy nodded, trying to calm herself, she closed her eyes and fell back against the pillow. She then felt him return between her legs and gently begin to lick and suck and circle her core. His hands were equally busy touching and caressing everywhere else he could reach. He had lifted her legs over his shoulders as Lizzy became lost in the wondrous feelings of pure bliss, murmuring and sighing and groaning her satisfaction as she began to overwhelmingly experience what she had yet to know. With what little rational thought was left to her, she was amazed that Darcy seemed to know when and how to continue laving, sucking and gently probing her inner core with his tongue – all the while the burning sensations were building within her body which began to tremble, shivering as uncontrollable wave upon wave inundated her whole being. She shuddered as her whole body felt ablaze, calling out his name when she reached the peak of her pleasure.

Ohhhh Williammmm…

He smothered her face with more kisses, whispering all the more, "I love you, my dearest… oh, how much I love you…"

Lizzy hardly had time to recover, when Darcy immediately plunged into her. She gasped feeling the piercing sensation of pain… but it soon subsided. Darcy struggled for control and stopped,

"Are you well, Lizzy, my love? Have I caused you much pain?"

"I am well, William…" she whispered, her words barely audible between her moans.

Overwhelmed with love for her, Darcy kissed her again trying to pour all his ardent love into her, then slowly and gently he began to move within her, carefully in a slow tempo, urging her to do likewise, all the while groaning in his own pleasure and whispering into her ear,

"Lizzy, tell me how you are feeling, tell me you are enjoying this… Lizzy… my love…?"

Whispering, "William… this is so… I can hardly… Oh William… do not stop… my love, please… do not stop…"

With her eyes tightly shut… she continued to moan for she was barely able to speak… writhing and aching her back and hips in rhythm with him, caught up in the wondrous feelings building throughout her whole body.

"Almost breathlessly, William cried out to her, "Open your eyes Lizzy, my love, look at me, I want to see your beautiful eyes…"

She forced her eyes wide open as he continued to move faster never taking their deep gaze away from each other, causing their ardent passions to build within while she deliriously whispered for him not to stop. When she suddenly called out his name in glorious tones of blissfulness, he knew she reached her peak. Only then did Darcy allow his own release while groaning her name and declaring his love for her over and over again; while spreading more kisses over her face, covering her mouth with another long passionate kiss.

While they were still together as one, Darcy relaxed over her and then carefully moved to her side. Grabbing a cover off the floor he wrapped them both in a loose cocoon – huskily proclaiming her the most amazing woman and how very thankful he was for her love. Lizzy nuzzled atop him with his shoulder as her pillow, their legs still entwined together. Exhausted from their wondrous coupling, Darcy continued to caress and pet her until their breathing finally calmed. Then they both gradually gave in to a deep peaceful sleep huddled together satiated in each others arms.

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